leaving boyfriends to go traveling

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leaving boyfriends to go traveling


hi girls this topic is especially for u , im about to embark on an adventure and leave for thiland on the 6th october to then follow onto australia for christmas and nyr after that i dont know wat im doin, goin with two mates, the thing is i know its goin to be hard to leave my boyfriend :( i just want some reassurance of other ppl in my situation and how they coped or are goin to cope any help would be grateful :!:

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I’m not leaving mine for as long as you… I’m away for 5 weeks. Working for a mobile phone company i’m gonna make use of their unlimited free texts they give staff and just text text text… other than that I admit I’m trying not to think about it… :cry:  I go on 4th October.

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hi there! im leaving my man too and really not looking forward to it!! im heading out to thailand on 24th of october for about 4 months, im holding on to the fact that he’s coming out to see me for a couple of weeks over xmas but until then im sure im going to miss him so much!! dont get me wrong, i cant wait to travel and i know if i dont do it now i never will but at the same time i have real concerns about how my relationship will survive, mainly im worried that travelling will ‘change’ me and i’ll come back wanting different things! agghhh, cant believe you’ve got me started thinking about it all again!! my coping strategy seems to be to just try not to think about it at the minute!!!

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Hi know its a girlie chat so soz for butting in.  Well if your relationships are ment to be its ment to be but i think a bit of time apart might be good for the realtionship.  It might make yous stronger as a couple but if it goes belly up then use are still young and i hated this answer when i broke up with my ex “theres plenty of fish in the sea”.  But hope it goes all well and hope you dont mind me contributing to this conversation.


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Again - another male eavesdropping.

I’ve had the same problem with my gf.

I’m going away for a year, and we’ve decided to stay together until i go, but to have a break when i’m away. Like what Angelofcharlie said - one of my concerns was that when i get back i may have ‘changed’ and not want to be with her anymore. And i think if we were to stay together, wait for eachother, then return and not get back together anyway - that would suck!

I started a thread about it a while ago - if you search for ‘girlfriend problems - based around travelling’ it should show up! There was lots of good advice on there!

Anyway, hope whatever you decide works out perfectly for you. It usually does.

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Hey smile

I left my boyf to go travelling for 5months and while il missed him loads we both knew it was something i really wanted to so he was happy to wait for me. It made us a lot stronger wen i got back. Im hoping to head away again next June for 4months and he isnt coming so it luckily works for us. It is hard when your homesick and miss your other half but you get over it and when you finally get home everything brilliant again.

Good luck on yer travels and if you have a strong enough relationship then it will be better than before when you get back. i think anyway smile


thanks for all the sound advice i know that it may change me and my outlook in life but it is a gamble i am willing to take and i wont be on my own i wil have my two mates with me to help me through the tough times and i am hoping that if i settle in oz then my boyfriend will come out and visit me for a few weeks LOL  :D

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hey, thats kinda what im planning with oz, my boyfriend wants to go there so im planning to be there in the middle of my time away so he can come visit me for a couple of months!! then it breaks it up so im not not seeing him for a whole year, it will just be a few months at a time!!


yep im doin the same im goin 4 a yr been with my beau nearly 5 yrs and iv decided to go without him…..im 21 and i want to do this with my friends live the full experience really if hes ere when i get back im sur it will bring us closer,if not well den so be it…but every1 is different d way i see it dont ever put ur plans on hold 4 any1 else with out an extremely good reason

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It is always better to travel alone and the reasons are many. Travelling alone creates a sense of adventure, instill self confidence, develops maturity. Any unforseen upsets make one handle the crisis on our own, thus giving us more experience to handle crisis in life.

Travelling alone make us independant and give freedom of action. To do things one like, when one likes, and where one likes.It allowes us to move about in total freedom. There are no conflicting interests to create disharmony.

One makes new friends, meet new people. And who knows, one may stumble accidently someone one may find a true life companion, And these do happen.
I know of a chap who found her dreamgirl on a RTW backpacking and after 3 years cortship, married, emigrated to NZ, got a job, had 2 lively kids and is living in bliss.



Hey Girls!

Definitely you’ll miss your boyfriend and to be honest it’ll have to be a pretty strong relationship to get through it from both points of view. You don’t want to find yourself thinking about it all the time cause it will put a bit of a downer on your trip, the beginning of it anyway! I tried this and it just doesnt work, you meet so many people and are so caught up in such a different life that you’re always changing and its from small things like topic of conversation! You may find your lives are just going in opposite directions… Go away and enjoy yourselves, its a once in a lifetime opportunity and if your relationship doesnt work out either half way through or after your trip you’ll regret being fussed in the first place! Have a great time on your travels!


I’m having to do the same too!
Leaving my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years, for 4 months next year is gonna be hard, but right now I’m so excited I’m not even thinking about it.
hmm if i’ts meant to be it’s meant to be! smile


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My situation is similar too, but my boyfriend left UK around 4 weeks ago to go and work in Aistralia and Papua New guinea. Im going travelling in 3 weeks and will finish in Australia being with him. We are still together talking everyday on phone, txt and email. It will be harder when i will be on my travels to chat, but thinking about it im just so excited to see him again x


Going to Oz for a year. Leaving BF. Broke up last Thursday because of it. His choice. Not mine. Meh. :(

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im not leaving the boy friend im leaving my best mate. Hes sooo dead against me not going to India. I think him and my mum have got a plan to handcup me at the airport and not let me go.