Do you think age 25 is too old to travel???

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Do you think age 25 is too old to travel???


do you think age is 25/26 too old to travel??..and still manage to pull your life back round get a good job ..have kids etc by the time your 35ish??...I kno you guys will say hell yeah?..but is anyone else on this site looking for travel buddies of around that age?? everyone i’ve looked at here seems dead young from 18-22ish or maybe career breakers 30+(please don’t take that as offence by the way i’m just wondering if I should av done this a long time ago??..i’m still knida in between jobs at the mo and have never really got into a chosen career or really made anything of myself as yet….but kind of feel if i don’t go now maybe i never will??..or will I perhaps i cud go in later life??..hmmm xxx Advice please

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Having just turned 26 and about to go travelling for the next 15 months I think I still have time to do all the stuff a lot of people have done. Some people I know who are now married with children would love to have the chance to just leave it all behind and travel for a while.
As for a career I have been working in the same business for the last 5 years (catering) and had decided to get out some people where I was working had been their since the place had opened 15 years ago. That was not for me so when I do come back I will be looking for a job in a different area. But you never know what will happen while travelling.


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Hi there!  I’m one of those dreaded ‘30+ career gappers’ (although I’m getting out of my chosen profession and doing something else, anything else when I get back).  To be honest I’d been planning on going away years ago but that ‘settled life’ you mentioned got in the way.  I then realised that it wasn’t for me at the moment and jumped at the chance of travelling again.  At 25/26 you’re really not old - I know plenty of people who’ve jacked it all in and started a new career in their 40s - not easy but definitely doable smile  You’ll find that most people looking for travel mates on here ARE 18-22 and that’s because those of us who are older are genereally more confident about going it alone.  The world’s a big,scary place when you’re 18 but it seems a bit smaller by the time you’re 25!  Once you’re travelling you’ll find that most people - certainly the over 20s - don’t give a sh*t about age and everyone chats to everyone else.  You may find yourself out for a night with a 21 yr old or a 51 yr old!  If travelling is what you feel like doing now then do it - don’t worry about what you might want in the distant future.



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hey there caz, thought i better try to convince you that this is probably the BEST age to go travelling!! i am also 25 (soon to be 26) and i am currently planning a round-the-world trip. I totally understand what you are saying - about everyone on this site being in their late teens/early twenties - i thought exactly the same also. But for me, this is the time that i feel is right to explore the world - i’ve done the whole uni thing and first job thing and now its my time for the travel thing! I reckon someone of our age would get so much more out of travelling! If this is something you want to do, and the time is right - just go for it!! hope this helps! if you need any more pursuation just shout! anyway - have you had any thoughts of where you would like to go? or when/how long for? em xx


I’m 26 and planning a RTW too, so nope, you’re not alone!


I woudnt worry about career and family for now. You only live once and if you want to travel it doesnt matter what age you are.I undertsand some peoples goal in life is to settle down but if you like travelling why care what everyone else is doing. Who wants to waste thier life , slaving away in the same job for 20+ years.

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Jonathanellis, you have hit the nail on the head!

Just go for it, age should mean nothing, life is everything :D   8)

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I’m 26 too! For the past 5 years I have been working Freelance so I get loads of time off if I want it…I’ve decided to go now and then come back and think about a ‘proper job’. I kinda wish I had gone years ago, but I had an awful phobia of flying which pretty much killed that idea!

We only live once…and we should do what makes us happy…having a ‘proper’ job and a family will come round when it wants to.


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I went on travelling when I was 27! The age was never a problem. I met people of all ages while I was travelling. I guess you have to be young at heart. It gets a lot easier when you’re out there. I am planning to go again when I am 30! Like people said, you only live once, so go for it.

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I hope it’snot too old im 23 getting close to 24 and I wont have the money I need till Im 25 and then im not sure I’ll see all the places I waant so I will stay working abroad or come back save pennies and be off again!!
If I ever come back it probably wont be until a few years later so im not even thinking of settling into a nice job/house all that malarky till post 30 at least
Go for it!!!!
If you want a career one will be waitng for you when you get back. It’s just instead of working in the same job for 20 years you would have been doing it for a lil less but would have seen thw world!!!how much cooler is that. Also when you go travelling and your ideas of what you think you want may change

just go! go now!! :D


25 is definatly not too old, im planning on travelling next september at the moment and by then i will be nearly 27!
you can put your life on hold and never go but do you really want to have regrets in years to come over not travelling? until last year i has been in a relationship for 5 years, been living together for over 3 of those and all of a sudden my ex ended it, so you can plan everything and wait around and try to squeeze everything in that society says you have to be doing by a certain age, and dont get me wrong things i want to, but you can go travelling, come home, and being that bit older carry on with your career and have plenty of time to do the whole house/marriage/kids thing.
life is for living just go for it, and as the others have said, us being that bit older maybe we feel more confident going it alone. plus by the looks of it you will probablt meet some of us ‘oldies’ out there cos there looks likes theres plenty of us!  smile

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Friends of mine at the age of 30 are buying their 1st house and starting families and this is fantastic for them. I want this but not yet. I’d rather spend the next few years living round the world, doing things like the tour d’afrique, training to be skiing instructor, getting my ppl. By the age of 35, when I assess my life I’ll have settled down with a career just like my friends but with a few more memories.


Hi, i’m 23 in a well paid steady job and i’m going to jack it in, in 2.5yrs to go RTW. So i’ll be 25, nearly 26 and coming back going on 27 and having to start again. You’ll still have your qualifications, and i’d have thought most employers would see a travelling experience as a good things (i hope, gulp LOL!)

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too old, just give up on life you’re past it rolleyes


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im 26 next month and writing this from a hostel in maylasia and having the time of my life.

theres a girl of 17 here and a bloke who must be 50ish so age is nothing.

as for a career, its gonna be there when you get back.

lifes short and to many people dont live it.

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25 too old? Well that’s me fucked then LOL