Learning spanish?!

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Learning spanish?!


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I’m landing in Bogota mid-Jan 2011 and then have about 6 months to go through colombia / ecuador / peru / bolivia / chile / argentina / uruguay / brazil. I was initially going on my RTW trip (SE Asia / OZ / NZ prior to SA) with a mate but he’s backed out, so I’m gonna be there on my own.

I’d never really thought about the language barrier, assuming that if there was two of us I’d be fine, but now I’m going to be on my own I’m slightly worried about my total lack of any spanish…

Does anyone know if it’s possible / know any good companies in Colombia where i mght be able to go and have a week of spanish lessons or anything like that? Do these sort of companies exist?

Cheers in advance

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Sorry I don’t know about Spanish lessons in South America but as you’re not going until Jan, have you thought about learning a bit of Spanish while in the UK? Most Adult Learning Colleges (check out your library or local FE college for details if you’re not sure) offer introductory/holiday Spanish evening classes for not a lot of money. I did one from Jan-Mar this year and was surprised how much we learnt in only 10 weeks.


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Im going to be in se asai / oz / nz up to SA though - leave in 2 months, and learning even prior to that i would forget most stuff :oops:

I will obviously grab a guide book and cram lots of that in, but i wouldn’t mind being able to hold a basc conversation rather than just being able to say hello and count to 10 smile

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Take a phrase book. LP do a pocket sized one which is handy.

You’ll pick it up quickly enough. You’ll be surprised how quickly you manage to get your point across in Spanish when the alternative is waiting at the side of the road for 12 hours for the next bus.


one of the best free ways to pick up some lingo is to visit


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cheers for the replies guys - might just grab a book then and wing it 8)


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I’m planning on having a two-week intensive spanish course in Buenos Aires with these chaps:


They have lots of schools across South America but it doesn’t look like they have one in Colombia unfortunately.  Just google “spanish language courses in South America” and you’ll find plenty.  There are loads of schools out there.

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Last year I took Spanish classes for 3 weeks in Cusco and I would completely reccommend it! I studied with latinoschools.com who have schools in Quito, Cusco and Sucre. At first I thought it was a tad expensive but the course was really intensive and I noticed that I was picking up the language really fast (and I always struggled with languages when I was at school!). If you’re keen on Columbia, I’m sure you can probably find something similar in Bogota or one of the other big cities on google…..


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