Best books to read when traveling

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Best books to read when traveling



anyone gimme some feedback on what their fav books were to read when traveling?


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Hey there!

I’m a bit of a bookworm and tend to end up lugging a ton of books around when I’m travelling. Some people buy clothes, not me, I buy books. My bag is always the heaviest by the end of travelling!

Reading is great to do when you’re on a long flight or travelling in a coach or something and I find the best one’s are ones about where you are. Not guide books, just funny stories about the place you’re in. Bill Bryson’s Downunder springs to mind but there are numerous others. It gives you such a thrill when you read the name of somewhere and you’ve just left that place or you’re heading to it.

One of the best things about backpacker hostels is alot of them have a shelf of books which you can use. What you do is swop the book you’ve just finished reading and take one of theirs. It’s brilliant because you get a new story and others get to read your book. The only bad thing is some people just take the books and leave nothing which I think is awful.

Anyway, hope this helps.



You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers is a bloody good travel book.

Talking of mentioning a place you are in, I went to see Master and Commander in Valdivia and at the end they dock there!


Think when i’m travelling i’m going to be trying to read as many books related to the uni course when I get back as possible.

Roll on Karl Marx and Adam Smith!


nah you are gonna have enough of uni when you get there, need to enjoy your freedom while you can! i would suggest something long so it lasts you the whole trip

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I read Mr.Nice by Howard Marks which is awesome… and A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens which is a deserved classic.


theres no toilet paper on the road less travelled is very amusing!!!! though i wasn’t travelling when i read it it would be a good book to take.  its about all these ambarasing and funny things people have done when they have been travelling!!! other ethan that books which are part of a series are good as onece you’ve finished one you can th reed the other it owuld last you for ages.


what about the lord of the rings? i watched the films before i read the books. well i have only read the 1st book! every 1 said that i should have read the books 2st but i still enoyed the book! and it is alot better than the film. if you are going away fro a long time and you like that kinda thing then im sure it will keep you entertained


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The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy series.
Arthur Dent’s unintentional backpacking adventures through space and time will put any problems you have travelling into perspective.
Very surreal, very British, very funny!  :D


You should all read The International Gooseberry, its about this guy that goes on his travels with his two “friends” which are a couple but they only really go with him because they feel sorry for him and the whole time they just want to get rid of him. Anyway its really funny.


I did a RTW trip last year and i really did get through alot of books. Some were definately must reccommends.
I read the Alchemist on the Plane which really was a great idea as it was the beginning of my trip and it really had such relevance to what I was about to embark on. I also read alot of Aussie type books while in oz. I found that Bill Brysons Down Under was great when I did the East Coast as he talks about alot of the places htat you ,ay visit. That always makes it good to hear someone elses opinions about the places you yourself will see.
I also read Empty Cradles, which is about orphans in the Uk during the war that were sent to OZ to work on farms, very moving and again relevant.
Gallipoli - the most amazing, moving and hard goign book to date but was useful in understanding why SOME Aussies dont like the english too much
Other books with no relevance that I enjoyed were BEn Eltons High Society and I reread Adrian Mole which was fantastic.

Books that I wish I had never bothered with
A lot of Croc - Got it becasue it was about the legendary Croc hunter Rod Ansell but it was a real lot of croc.
Richard and Judy’s Autobiography- was an obvious recipe for disaster but never the less thought it would be fun and the bookshops in BRoome are limited. Was a bit of a giggle so just read it while on the beach.

There really are so many more that I read but these were the highs and lows.

Australia inparticular has lots of book exchanges so make sure you change your books before heading off to other places I forgot and spent many a coach ride in INdonesia staring at far too many paddi fields


everytime i’ve been away i take the books that i’ve always meant to read but never get round to or start but never finish!
sometimes this works and the books are good - other times they suck eg when i took lord of the rings which was kinda of like enid blyton with hobbits!

lou xx


just a few of the books ive been enjoying since travelling -

memiors of a geisha - a must read!
forget you had a daughter - sandra gregory - the woman who was caught smuggling drugs out of thailand

and just about to finish - American Pyscho - alright - but very gruesome!!!


Wizards First Rule - Hefty but such an excellent book!

I think that I do what someone else said on up there. I used to buy loads of old classic books and never read them so now I bring those ones with me! I would usually include a nice light read too for when I get very bored. I think I found I read A LOT while I was away on the 14 hour bus journies etc.!!! For anyone in South America the Che Guevara books are pretty good. Have just finished the motorcycle diaries and although it’s a bit slow in places its good to read where all he went to and how he got there.


When I went away I read Out of Eden by Joehn Steinbeck which is a great saga to read and it lasted a while… I also found The Girl with the pearl earring rotting away on the shelf in the rainforest… get back to England and its the massive new blockbuster film and best-seller book!!

Although I wasn’t a massive fan of Jack Kerouac, loads of people love his books, i.e On the road, and he has a strong traveller fanbase.