30 litre backpack big enough for me?

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30 litre backpack big enough for me?


Hey there, okay ive been spending all night sorting out what im probably gonna need to bring with me, looking at different backpacks and doing my research, well trying to without getting distracted : :razz: 
I like to pack really light when I go away, im planning to go to SE Asia for no more than 2 months, probably not much less than that. Mainly Thailand and ive never been away beore so im clueless :D Is 30 litres big enough for me, do many travelers go away with backpacks this size? I dont know the sizes at all and was gonna buy a 65 one but found out thats probably far too big for what I want!
Also there are no shops nearby for me to check out, closest city is almsot exactly 100 miles away and I dont know of any good travel shops there :(
Ive made my list on what im gonna bring and theres really nothing in there that takes up an awful lot of room.
Please help! Thanks for reading :o

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30l is pretty small. I couldn’t do it, but I’ve met folk who have, 65l isn’t that big really - it’s a pretty standard size.
It all depends on what your planning on taking( and taking back)?


two words - Good luck!  LOL  lol!

Most people take 50 - 70l ones, I have a 50l one that expands to 70l and although trying to keep it to 50l its really hard- most backpacks are like reverse Tardis(es) look huge on the outside but when you try to pack they seem really small inside!!  smile

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i dunno if 30 will be too big or small for you its really only something you can determine

mines is a 65l plus 5 litre which i think will fit me fine

but what has your list got

remeber you will need a towel
first aid
sterile kit depending if you want it
travel documents
you malairia tabs
any electrical items you may take
mosquito net if you decide on one
sleepingbag liner/ sleeping bag

it all takes up room if you plan to bring souveniers back 30 liters will be small

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haha before I left I considered taking a 35l back pack. No idea why I thought that would be enough. Even 65l isn’t big enough really. I’ve had to send loads of stuff home because it was just too much and really awkward to pack the bag.

Take more than 30l - trust me !!


haha ok on seacond thought im not gonna get one that small :D probably a 50-60ish litre one then. Thanks for the advice then everyone smile

one question thoughfor anyone who wants to awnser (sorry lol), how big in scale exactly is one thats roughly 60 litres? I mean there arent any shops here for me to check it out and none of my family or mates have one that I know of, I was looking for a comparison photo or something on the internet but cant find one, if someone can help me know more what the size is that would be mucho apreciated smile
Im just worried about ordering one then it arriving and being like holy **** thats too big!

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when you see a normal backpacker with a back pack on there back it will normally be a 60 to 70 litre backpack

that is how big it is

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mines a 70ltr bag and it comes mid way up my thigh,

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30L is possible! But I wouldn’t really recommend it if its the first time you’ve been away. I travel with a 45+8, and find its perfect.

Have a look at this website: http://www.travelindependent.info/ - its all about travelling with just a carry-on bag, and whilst travelling that light is not for everyone, it has great advice which is applicable to everyone, no matter what size of bag you’re taking.