mosquito net?!

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mosquito net?!



I have spoken to many friends that have been traveling in cambodia and laos and they have told me they always ended up sending there mosquito nets back as they were always provide, so my question is do i really need to take one with me? and if i do how will i hang it up or are clips provided?

Any advice would be great, thanks!

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I wouldn’t worry about getting one as so far in 3 months of travel in Asia I have not used mine once, might send it home with the next lot of post I think as won’t need it when I get to Australia.


I wouldn’t worry about getting one as so far in 3 months of travel in Asia I have not used mine once, might send it home with the next lot of post I think as won’t need it when I get to Australia.

Dont you need it to prevent the mosquito’s biting and giving you malaria!


Malaria is a very serious disease.  I would get one just in case.  You only need to be bitten once by a mozzie which has malaria and for the sake of GBP20 ish it is worth it.  I’ve travelled around cambodia a number of times and mostly the guesthouses have them but sometimes not.  Play it safe with malaria.

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i would advise getting one.

i got bitten one night really badly when i didn’t have my net up.

It was extremely irrtating after and my whole leg had swollen up by the amount of bites i had!


Are they readily available to buy over there? I’m starting off in vietnam and working my way down to Cambodia. Do you think it would be best to buy one in England?


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my boyfriend and i will be in thailand (only bangkok down to ko tao/ samui etc) then onto malaysia…

i’ve heard alow of places provide them where necessary but i guess its always better to take your own in case?

If we’re a couple though, what type of net do people advise taking? As while on ko tao we’re planning on sharing a bed (so would want a double net, i guess)
but then in malaysia, unless we can i assume we’ll both be in single bunks in dorms, so we’d need 2 single nets surely?

anybody else had this bizarre dilemma, or am i worrying over nothing?? :oops:
plus are they easy to hang up? i assume theres always something to attach them on to??!!

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I sent my net home after a few weeks as i didn’t use it once!!
Some places have them already in the room but where they don’t often there isn’t anywhere to hang them from anyway.

Defo get some DEET and spray your bedding before you go to bed



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You should buy a mosquito net that is impregnated with permethrin. It’s a contact killer (i.e. pesticide) which kills the mosquitoes if they land on it. This means they can’t bite you through the net (which they can do if the net is untreated) if your arm or leg is next to the net as you sleep.

I recommend this net

It is important to take a net if you are going to a malarial region as antimalarials aren’t 100% effective and the only way to effectively prevent malaria is bite avoidance methods.

Spraying 50% DEET on your skin will help repel them from the general bed area, but you will sweat it off overnight so you can’t just use DEET and expect to not get bitten. Spraying it on the bed could leave stains, melt any man-made fabrics and generally isn’t recommended (and it’s such a waste).

To avoid the problem of not knowing how to hang it, include the following things with your mosquito net.
1) A length of string (4 metres should suffice, so you can use it for other uses)
2) 4 drawing pins (or map pins)
3) A lump of blue-tac
4) A small roll of gaffa/duct/masking tape.

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It depends where you’re staying. I didn’t use my net in Cambodia (or anywhere else in SE Asia, except to protect me from a largish spider for a couple of nights on Bali). But, I was staying in reasonably nice places, usually with air-con. (In my experience, if you keep the room cool with air-con there generally isn’t a mosquito problem.)

If you’ll be staying in cheaper/more out-of-the-way places, you might find a use for one, I guess.


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I haven’t stayed in a Malaria hotspot but wish I’d put my net uploads of times. I’m a Mozzy Magnet and they always find me. They may not carry maleria where I’ve been but they still itch irritate and wind me up when I’ve been bitten.

And if you do succumb to the itching you run the risk of secondary infection like cellulitis (not cellulite) which needs treating with antibiotics as it spreads rapidly.

Just a thought

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hey guys, thanks for the responses!

Alex, as always, what youve said is a great help and the net you slink to looks great, i didnt realise there was one that could do all the different shapes!

My only quibble now is whether we get two single bed ones, or a double for the first….5weeks we’ll be sharing a double bed (i assume) on koa tao, in a sharehouse.
The only malarial zone i know we’re going to is taman negara, and i dont know what the accomodation situation is there…i would assume more likely double bed private rooms in air con huts or something, but i havent a clue…
i guess if we share a double and need the net, its possible to hang the two inidividuals next to each other so your both covered still, but separately?

what do you recommend!?!


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The simplest thing to do is buy one double and one single. Then if you are in two beds one can use the double and the other can use the single!

How did you get on with your rucksacks Nikki?


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ahh hey!

but surely we’d need to carry one double and buy a single each too? lol, we’d argue over who carried the double one!
i wouldn’t mind taking them and then shipping them home early if they werent getting used…are they needed for oz and NZ and fiji, i assume not…?? :?

and with the rucksack…i went through your helpful instructions (thank you!) and it seemed to work a treat, it felt much better and from what i could gather in my lack of experience, the weight did feel on my waist, not my shoulders…i had litre malibu, an argos book, more books, clothes, camera etc all in there and it felt heavy, but i managed it if that makes sense.

only thing is like people have said, ive got nothing to compare to…so even tho it feels alright, it could be bad compared to others out there. I noticed it hangs over my bum and behind my head, so im thinking due to being short im going to go on the hunt for the girls one. I can buy that, and then retunr whichever i decide isnt right.

although i called 4 stores and non appear to have it in stock, nor have i found one just by chance so i think i’ve got a job finding the girls one :(

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Yer I would also highly recommend taking a net with you. Unfortunately so many people could prevent malaria if only they used them! If anyone is thinking twice about not using a mossy net then watch this video on Malaria Hotspots and the others…


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is this still a problem if you are taking malaria tablets? Should I still take a mosquito net?

I am quite possibly being naive, sorry!