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I wouldn’t expect to get the charity / org to pay for your accomodation and food, if they are doing that it’s hardly volunteering and they might as well pay a local to do the job

I do imagine there are places that welcome volunteeers provided they pay for there own keep

I do have to question companies like Real Gap et al making a fortune off people volunteering and I also question whether some of these places actually need international volunteers or just want the money for them especially as a lot of Westerners have few relevant skills

Also I think it is key that people are volunteering for the right reasons not just to have something a bit extra on there CV when applying for grad schemes. Maybe cynical but bet i’m right



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Hey, if anyone is looking to learn a bit more about the culture, me and a friend just did a really good homestay in Chiang mai. Its brand new as well so the family is happy to be very flexible in whatever you want to do.

The family is really really nice, they pick you up from the airport, bus station, train station, wherever. then for the whole week they take you around chiang mai and nearby places like pai, Burma (they know where to get DVD’s for 10bht) and Chiang Rai!

Everything is included in the week, food (cooked by their maids), accomodation, activities, transport. they introduce you to loads of new things like differnet foods, a bit of the language and places you’d never find from a backpackers! the nice thing about it is it’s got a really welcoming feel, they are not trying to make money, just show people around chiang mai because they want to learn english.

If anyone is intersted it costs 7000bht (about 148pounds) for one week, but it’s well worth the money, you’d easily spend double that with trying to do everything yourself.

Jai, the owner’s email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and you can also find the group at The Yellow House - chiang Mai on facebook.

Honestly, i’m on a RTW ticket at the moment and have been traveling for just under 9 months so far and it’s one of the best things i’ve done. it’s a really really good experience!!


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Just a word of advice in regards to Volunteer work in Thailand. It is illegal to volunteer without the proper visa (Non-immigrant visa O). Thats not a tourist visa folks.

You really, really, don’t want to cross the Thai immigration officers.  8O


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Just a word of advice in regards to Volunteer work in Thailand. It is illegal to volunteer without the proper visa (Non-immigrant visa O). Thats not a tourist visa folks.

You really, really, don’t want to cross the Thai immigration officers.  8O

Can you not get the ‘proper’ visa on arrival, or can you only get the tourist(non working) visa on arrival? Thanks!


I’m volunteering right at the moment in Bali and like to recommend this organisation to everyone interested in volunteering. I was looking for months until I found the right organisation because I also didn’t want to pay a fortune and then be not sure if the money goes directly to the organisation.

The organisation where I’m currently volunteering is called Yayasan Slukat Learning Center and located in a small rural village on the South east coast of Bali.

They offer 3 different volunteer programs: teaching English, organic farming and recycling. Prices for all the 3 programs start at 240 € for 2 weeks and include e.g. onsite accomodation, free breakfast and dinner, free airport pick up/drop off, free trips to Ubud twice a week… for more detailed info here’s the direct link:

I was veeeery sceptical at the beginning about paying the program fee, too. But especially when I heard that 20% of this fee is used to provide underpriviledged students with scholarships I realised that this money which is not that much for me, could make a huge different to the Balinese kids here at the Learning Center! Last week we had the final interviews for scholarships at the Center and 5 girls finally got a scholarship. It was amazing to see how happy they were, it was so emotional, the girls were crying for joy!
You can also check out pictures from the scholarship awarding on Slukat’s facebook page:

I hope this info is of interest for all those looking for the right volunteering organisation to go with. If you want more info I’m happy to answer your questions concerning volunteering in Bali grin I know that they are looking for volunteers all the time and right at the moment especially from August 2011 onwards.

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There is a great animal charity in Ubud that you can help out at:

We met Stephen who was the shop & education centre manager back in September last year, and they were great people. We spent most of our time in Ubud in their shop, hanging out and playing with their dogs.

I must admit i don’t think working for a charity should involve them paying for you to be there and feed you as that half defeats the point….but these guys are just a charity who need help, so if you love animals and want to hangout in Ubua for more than 2 weeks i’d certainly get in touch with them.

We were going to volunteer but we didn’t have the rabies jab (which is essential) plus our visa was expiring, but we do intend to go back and see them on our next trip smile


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I’m volunntering for an organization call Better Life Vietnam. This is a non-profit working to improve education conditions for underprivileged children in Vietnam. Check their website here:

They are running an English class program for underprivileged children and always need volunteers who speak English fluently. There are placement with free accomodation or with small fee for accomodation and food in some cases.

Watch here:

For more information, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)