SCIENCE jobs abroad!!!

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SCIENCE jobs abroad!!!


Ok not sure if this is the best place to post but I’m just gonna go for it and see what happens.

So….I graduate in July with a degree in Forensic Science. With the current economic crisis it is soooo hard finding a job at the moment. I’d really like to go and work abroad (anywhere!!!) for a while so I can earn some money and do some travelling at the same time.

However, I can’t find any info anywhere on the net as to where I can get some international work in the scientific sector. Obviosuly I’d love to work abroad in forensics but understand its impossible to get into. I’ve got a years experience working as an analytical chemist so wouldn’t mind doing that again but the problem I’m having at the minute is finding info about whether I can work in science abroad??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Lotty xx

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What does Forensic Science involve?
Would you be intrested in Enviromental science??
Have a look at this perhaps?

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Give it time. Economic downturn = more layoffs = more crime = more murders = more forensic scientists needed!

Seriously though, in my opinion you’re unlikely to get a job in your field outside the UK due to the different legal processes in other countries. I guess you could get taken on as a technician or analyst though, but your lecturers would probably be better placed than us to give you advice on how to break into the service abroad.

That said, I’ve spent the last year lecturing in chemistry and analytical chemistry at a university in South Korea and did a 14-lecture module on forensic science for my graduate students. You could possibly get a pure analysis or teaching assistant placement in academia, but f you wanted to lecture you’d probably need your PhD (another option!).

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chances are you’ve been on this website before but just in case: - this has worldwide science jobs


Thanks for the info guys. Looked on New Scientist but I think with forensics its a case of just keeping a look out all the time and applying for every one that comes up!

Thanks xxx


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try iaeste and aiesec