Women be careful, I was nearly kidnapped in Phnom Penh

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Women be careful, I was nearly kidnapped in Phnom Penh


Just to put a warning out there. I understand this could probably happen anywhere, but I felt that since it happened to me, I had to warn others.

The moto driver I hired to take me to the killing fields and S21 assaulted me and attempted to kidnap me, it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I feel grateful to be alive after it. I don’t want to scare anyone out of traveling to Cambodia, because I know that many people have had a great experience there, even though I didn’t. But I really really feel the need to warn women traveling alone that I don’t think it’s a safe place, besides what happened in Phnom Penh, I was also groped by a group of guys while I was trying to swim solo at the beach in Sihanoukville, another upsetting experience.

So please ladies, be careful, I really recommend having a travel buddy with some guys if you are going to these places. I was miss hardcore “I dont need a man to protect me” and these experiences scared me a lot, I truly thought I was done for, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone so please just be careful out there.

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crikey,so sorry to here that, hope your ok

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That sounds horrible Im so sorry to hear you had such a nasty experience. I was there recently with my bf and everyone was so friendly to us, but I did get very intimidated whenever I was on my own, even for a second. I think they view women on their own very differently out here, like available for anyone to have a go. It sucks really, but all the same I really hope you reported it to the tourist police.


Starseed that sounds really horrible and I hope you are ok.  My girlfriend and I went to Cambodia a few months ago and although on the whole we had a good time there were times when we felt uncomfortable and vunerable and I could definitely see the potential for things to turn nasty on a couple of occasions, usually at night.


I think they view women on their own very differently out here, like available for anyone to have a go. It sucks really, but all the same I really hope you reported it to the tourist police.

Yes, exactly, and no, I didn’t report it, I talked to a few people afterwards and they said that there was really nothing anyone would do, especially since in all the craziness I didn’t get his motorbike license number or anything so there really was nothing to report.


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just something along the same lines, when i was in palolem in goa, i got told by afew people that girls shouldnt really go swimming in the sea alone surrounded by groups of indian men. apparently a week or so before i got there, a girl in her early 20’s went into the sea alone, swam away from the main bulk of people and found herself surrounded by indian men who grabbed her in very private places. she managed to get away, told some guys on the beach who told the police, who then got the men and started hitting them with planks of wood.

i saw the mobile phone video of the police hitting them with wood, was brutal but they shouldnt have done it to the girl.

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My god thats awful, sorry to hear you’ve had bad experiences, hope your doing ok! x

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OMG that sounds awful…..wont be telling my mam this story she’ll be even more worried.

Glad you’re okay!!


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Thats horrible, glad your ok and hope it doesnt ruin the rest of your travelling experience and yeah Im deffo not telling my mum, she’ll lock me in the house.


OMG I hope you’re ok, and I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had such a terrifying experience.

Thanks for the warning, and I hope you are able to still enjoy your trip.


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yeah really sorry to hear about your experience, i hope it dosent ruin the rest of ur travels! I def wont be telling em mum or dad as they are already paranoid about me traveling!!!!!

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im glad ure ok as well.  :D

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Oh my God!! How horrifying!! Glad you’re ok :(

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how scary 8O glad to hear your ok!
i might get a karate leason before i leave! x

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Yes I think lone female travellers are particularly vunerable in certain cultures.

A friend of mine who I travelled with in China had to run off and search for help near Sapa in Vietnam after a guy tried to rape her

see what she said below

Actually things havent been so good, right now am in Bangkok and in fact flying home tom.

Crossed the border with little drama.  The bus trip down to Hekou was bearable, only took 10hrs and managed to arrive before dark which was a relief.  However once over the border everything turned sour.

I recommend that you mention this to any female considering trekking at Sapa.
I had a very scary experience in Sapa, I actually thought I wouldnt come out in one piece.  I hired a guide to take me for a drive up to a scenic spot about 15 mins away from the township the afternoon I arrived in Sapa and he tried to assault me.  My first impressions of this guy were completly wrong, I thought he was very professional, could speak excellent English and knew the area really well.  Thinking back now I realise I did something quite stupid I should never have gone with him alone however I thought it would be ok as this is the main way people get around the area and I hadnt heard of any incidents taking place.  As soon as we left the town this guy started making weird comments about couples, marriage and sex and starting asking me really personal questions.  He couldnt stop telling me how attractive he thought I was.  Next thing he tells me that he wants to sleep with me. 

Things just deteriorated from here, he got really angry and aggressive because I wouldnt sleep with him and he threatened to rape me.  Things are a bit of a blur from here, I have never been so scared in my life,  I ended up jumping off the bike and running away, I was screaming and crying for help while this guy was following me on his bike.  It sounds surreal, it was!  It was like a fucking horror movie.  I eventually stumbled on a young guy who could not speak English but guessed something was very wrong by my face.  That fucking maniac caught up with us and we ended up in a screaming match, all the while I gripped the young guys arm and wouldnt let go.  A couple of mins later a pair of guys on a bike came across us and stopped and one of them spoke some English and understood what I was saying.  He phoned the hotel I was staying at on his mobile and the msg got through that I needed to be safely brought back down the mountain.  The hotel reassured me that I could trust these two guys.  As I was leaving that fucker was yellign he was going to come and get me in my room.

I was so frightened by this guy, I ended up staying in the same room as a guy I meet that night in my hotel.  I was convinced that maniac was going to come and get me and I needed some sort of protection.  This lovely guys name was Paul and he talked to me through the night to try and get me to calm down.  I am so grateful to him. 

I left Sapa the following day to go to Hanoi via train.  The morning I arrived in Hanoi I was tripped and pushed to the ground by some guys who wanted me to go with them and stay in their hotel.  I left Vietnam next day.

Ever since I left China I have had bad experiences, I seem to be drawing bad men.  Ive spoken to other solo female travellers and none of them have ever experienced something like this, I dont understand why it happened to me.  I dont invite attention, I try to keep a low profile.  Anyway I dont feel like be abused anymore nor dealing with any shit because Im a female.  I never thought it would be like this.  Im kinda paranoid now as well, the incidents have scared me into staying in my hotel as soon as it gets dark and its not much fun.  I will never travel alone again.

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god these experiences are awful! I guess the thing to remember is not to be scared, but never to trust either. Always try to take someone with you, i guess a guy if you can, and if you cant maybe dont go by yourself? As sad as that is, as it might mean missing out on somewhere if you cant find someone to go with you. But at the same time, its important to remember that these experiences are very rare, and you shouldnt let it stop you enjoying the rest of your travels, or stop anyone else from going!! A little tip that my friend told me is, have a little bottle of body spray on you all the time, u know like the mini travel ones, and if anything goes wrong and you need a distraction to get away, spray in the eyes!!