Fiji - Tropical Awegasm - Awesome adventures??? Anyone been on this trip???

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Fiji - Tropical Awegasm - Awesome adventures??? Anyone been on this trip???



Thinking of going on this trip. has anyone been on it??
I only have 13 days and it looks like a good way of fitting everything in!

I have read that Awesome adventures can change were you stay over night and move you around with no notice? Has this happend to anyone?

Thank you

Tommygunn x :?


When I was in Fiji, I bought a Bula pass.

I’d say that it’s a lot easier when you have it, compared to the packages, as you can make your own timetable, and don’t have to be stuck with a schedule.

Downside to it is that you have to sort out accom bookings yourself, but that is easily done.

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a great time. The Yasawa’s are amazing, well worth the visit.

Most outer islands don’t have drinking water, so make sure to buy bottled water before departure (cheaper than buying it on the boat).

And as there’s no drinking water, some resorts, have salt water showers - coral view for instance. The ideas nice enough, but you just cannot wash in salt water.

Final thing, if you plan do drink, do not buy alcohol on beachcomber island. It is so ridiculously overpriced it’s unbelievable, bring your duty free with you from the airport,

Hope you have a great trip.




Thank you so much for you help. I would never of thought about drinking water!!!

I was thinking of the bula combo pass, it looks confusing on the internet, does the pack they send make it all clear?? Like where the boat stops and how you get between the little islands?

Did you enjoy beachcomber? as some people have advised against going there?

T smile


I never recieved a pack in the post, but I was travelling through Canada at the time, what they send you, you can download from their website pretty much.

When you collect your ticket from the port, they are very helpful if you want to book a place to stay.

To get to the little island, what the boat does, the “Yasawa Flyer” it stops in the water, and little boats from the smaller islands, come and pick you up from the boat. And the same when you want to get back on the boat.

Now in my opinion, and I feel the same now as I did then, the accom pass that you can get with the bula pass is not worth it at all. Assuming you bought the 14 day pass that would set you back £451, bula pass on its own is £148.

Generally speaking in the yasawa’s the most you will ever pay for a bed is £15, they are usually around £9 - £11 a night.

So it’s worth it booking the accom on your own rather than getting it included. are a good agency that can help you, also check out the hostels page on this website, to get a generall overview of the prices.

Now, to Beachcomber. Well it depends on what you want from your trip.
It takes less than 5 minutes to walk around the island, The dorms are very crowded, i’m talking 100 bed dorms 0_0.
It is expensive… for what you get very expensive. The alcohol is ridiculously priced, and in peak times, it is very crowded.

If your looking for an authentic fiji experiance, Beachcomber is not it.
Now saying that, I had a lot of fun. It was New Years when I was there, and I had a great laugh. I guess it comes down to who your with.

If you want any tips on where to say, give me a shout. I’m happy to help.



It sound’s like the boats are an experience in them selfs!

Were did you stay?

Also I have read that its very hard to get money whilst out there as there are no cash points and the hotel don not take cards? Do most of the places you stayed have lockers or safes??

What trips did you do whilst out there?

Thank you so much for your help.



Would you advise booking these trips in advance or can you arrange these when you get there? I’m going in October for 2 weeks.

Jess grin


Places I Stayed

Long post coming up….

On the mainland in Nadi I Stayed in the Smugglers Cove, they offered a free pickup from the airport, and do good food. Though, it may be worth it to pay a bit extra for an air conditioned dorm, as it can get very hot.

The First Island we went to was Bounty Island, former home to Celebrity Love Island, they offer free non motorized water sports. The dorms are big and spacious, though the mattresses aren’t too good. Watch out for lizards in the bathrooms! Really small, you can run around it in 10 minutes.

Next was Octopus Resort, this was really nice. Really good food and a swimming pool in the middle and everyone really happy and chatty and nice. Beds were comfortable, that’s a point, probably the best dorms you’ll find in Fiji.

Manta ray Island. This was quite nice, friendly staff - played volleyball and made bracelets out of coconuts. spent a lot of time doing nothing apart from lying in hammocks and reading books. Nice resort, but only cold showers and waterless toilets. I was having a cold outdoor shower when it started raining - slightly surreal.

I’m not sure if it’s still the same, but when you bought a 14 or 21 day bula pass, you got a night on the Wanna Taki Cruise ship, defiantly recommended, as its one of the few places off the mainland that has hot showers.

Coral View - nice place great views - visit Honeymoon Beach if you can, often you have the whole beach to yourself. Good food, and the band plays to you while you eat. They also organize trips to the Blue Lagoon and Sai-i-lau caves, those are definite’s if your in Fiji.

I’m sure I went to more, can’t think of them off the top of my head though, Beachcomber, but i’ve been over that already.

Soso Village - Naviti Island
Sai-I-Lau Caves
The Blue Lagoon
Snorkelling in the Reef - Wanna Taki Cruise
Scuba Diving in the Reef - Octopus Resort

As for money, yes it’s true, most of the islands have no card payment facility’s.
IIRC, Manta Ray, and Octopus offered it, but with a surcharge. There are cash points in Denarau (the port). And yes the majority of places have safes and lockers. Though if you do go to Beachcomber, keep your valuables locked in your bags, as some friends of mine had there lockers broken in to.

So definitely take enough money out with you to pay for your stay.

Oh, and @ Jess, While you can wait untill you arrive, it will be peak season when you are there, so some places get booked up, The Island places, definitely book before you get on the boat.

Bula Pass can be bought any time.

Found this on my old blog… yeah, go to the Yasawas


“I feel really sorry for the people that just go to Nadi and then Beachcomber Island - Nadi being a horrible little town that’s dirty and filled with people hassling you to buy stuff and shops such as the ‘Kwality Store’ selling fake football shirts. and then Beachcomber is about as un-fijian as it gets. We met this American couple that we traveling for 3 months and spent 6 days in Fiji doing just that - I don’t think they have any idea of what the real Fiji is really like.”

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Dude, you’re like the first person with quite a lot of knowledge about Fiji! Im going to be going there next year as part of my travels and am thinking of spending just under 3weeks there.
for the 1st week im planning on staying on the mainland (1 night Nadi, few nights Coral bay, few nights Rika Rika) then island hopping around the (thinking Kuata, octopus, and one other i cant remember - was also thinking of having a night on beachcomber if i fancied partying but I’ve not heard many positive reviews so….
Btw, do you still have your blog available? I reckon it might have some useful info!

ps - you mentioned a room shouldn’t cost more than £15 a night but i had a look at some resor websites and they seem quite expensive as you have to pay for food too as room only isn’t an option - how did you find this?


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I would agree with Jpdaduck, and say that a bula or accommodation pass is better than a package. I booked a package, and although I had an amazing time and stayed at some great places, it was impossible to try and swap Islands. At times you meet a group of people whom you want to spend a bit more time with, but if its not on your itinerary it can’t be done. It became annoying after a while coz everytime I was enjoying myself at an Island, I was then having to move on. Although convenient, the packages are restricting. Deffo go for a bula or accommodation pass!
I would recommend booking in advance if you can, just so you know that its booked. Fiji has a very relaxed attitude to doing things, also communication is done over radio rather than internet between the Islands and this is how the bookings are made. Some people have been lucky and secured accommodation once theyve arrived, but if youre going at a peak time book ahead to avoid disappointment.
Islands I would recommend are: Coral view, Waya Lailai, Kuata and Manta Ray! I would avoid Southsea Island, its tiny and very touristy!
Hope this helps- And happy travelling in Fiji, I can’t wait to go back nxt year! :D


@ Gambo

I’m not too sure how much the prices will have changed since I was there, but when I was preparing, I used .

They are very helpful, and often have someone you can talk to via web chat. The prices on the site may not be definite, so email them about the place you’re interested, and they should be able to help you out. If you book with them, they’ll meet you at the airport, and give you your accommodation vouchers.

Oh, and I’ve reuploaded the Fiji and Cook Island part of my blog if you want to give it a gander, I don’t claim to be a litery genius, and alot of it was written by my girlfriend. But it may be informative, smile

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Scratch my earlier comment - TWO people with some Fiji knowledge!

Cheers for your help guys - though to be honest I’d done quite a bit of research already and you guys have asserted the info I’d found out.

My plan was to get a Bula pass and just book the accom of the places i wanted to go to - cheers for the recommended places Chantel, I think i was planning on going to 3 of those (is Octopus resort on Waya Lailai? and are Coral view and Coral bay the same thing/place?)

And thanks JP for the blog and those weblinks, i’ll probably wind up using those to book


Octopus is on Waya island, not Waya Lailai

I haven’t heard of Coral Bay, are you sure you don’t mean the Coral Coast? that’s on the mainland of Viti Levu.

Coral View is a resort on Tavewa Island which is one of the furthest away Yasawa Islands


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No worries, glad it helped!
Waya Lailai, is a resort, can’t remember what Island its on, but it’s great! Definatly goin back there nxt yr! Its run by locals, so you get some real Fijian Flavour, including some serious Fiji Time and fun Kava sessions! lol! :D


Jpdaduck - Thanks for all the info Just booked a four day diving course on manta ray island ( before I knew it was cold showers and no water in the loo’s arhhh) Im sure I will be fine! I will be taking lots of drinking water with me! Top tip!Booked a 7 day boat pass, going to start looking at what islands to visit! Chantelt - How did you find it staying in the dorms as a girl? is there any grief being on your own?Tx


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Chantelt - How did you find it staying in the dorms as a girl? is there any grief being on your own?Tx

It was fine, didn’t have any problems, the worst dorm for me was at Manta Ray! It was one large room, with tonnes of bunk beds crammed in and no privacy, whatsoever! Also it smelt a bit rank from the eco toilets with no water, which aint too bad!lol! One thing to note, it’s pretty much cold showers on all resorts! You just have to try and get use to it, which I never did! I felt a little bit uneasy in the Waya Lailai dorms aswell, just because there was a lot of noise from the locals and staff at night, due to the fact that their lodgings were right next to ours, also my bed was infested with ants, but I was the only one, so I don’t think its typical of the resort, I think it’s because my bed of choice was near the window which was really close to a tree!
You shouldn’t get any grief, theres so many solo females out on the yasawas, but take all usual precautions, some British girls have given us a bad name, so we are presumed, by many, to be an easy lay! Nonetheless, I had no bad experiences my whole time travelling as a solo female, even when sharing dorms with all males!
Chantel x


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Just tagging this post as it’s REALLY helpful - thanks guys!