Posting home clothes made in Hoi An

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Posting home clothes made in Hoi An


Hey, just wondering if anyone has posted anything they’ve had made in Hoi An home? And if so, is it reliable, or are my new clothes going to be safe on the way home? My hotel says they can organise the postage or I can head to the PO myself. Can anyone tell me if it’s ok to do it from here or wait until Hanoi?


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Most people I know got their clothes sent home with no problems whatsoever. On the other hand, I ended up with someone else’s clothes, and presumably that person ended up with mine - which was something of a waste of money.

I would make sure you see the address label going on your parcel.


Thanks for that, fingers crossed it arrives safely.

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My mates got their suits posted from Hoi An, they arrived fine but they did take a long time to arrive, like, more than a couple of months.

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I just went to the Post Office and sent it home myself.  They were really helpful and that way you know they’ve defo been sent.

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I just went to the Post Office and sent it home myself.  They were really helpful and that way you know they’ve defo been sent.

true, and you know you’re not being grossly overcharged for postage!


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I was travelling for a few months and now have ended up living in Hoi An…great place!

Going to the post office yourself is the best option as sometimes they will come to the clothes shop for you but ive heard of things getting misplaced etc.

I can recommend one fab clothes shop, ive been here 10 months now and get EVERYTHING made at Tay Do Clothes shop on 30 Phan Chu Trinh street, Nhung the owner is amazing and will help with anything!

From the UK airmail normally takes 3 weeks, shipping takes about 1-3 months! :(

Sarah x

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As I was going to be away from home I sent via seamail.  They took 3 months to get home. I organised it through my hotel but I ended up paying 3 times as much for seamail as it costs for airmail if I’d gone to post office.  Save cash - go to post office yourself!


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Are you looking at doing international shipping?