Booking hostels- which websites are best?

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Booking hostels- which websites are best?

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Hey everyone,

I’m looking to to book first nights hostels in a couple of places, Thailand and maybe NZ, can anyone tell me any good websites to use pls?


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I havent actually booked through them but they have lots of hostels that have been rated and recommended: xx

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i used to use hostelworld but im tight and it can be annoyin paying the booking fee if u miss a flight, change hostels etc so i tend to use hostelworld to check availablilty then email or ring the hostel if they have a website and book a reservation through them for free if they let you( most do!) to save a few pennies!

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thanks for the tip- thats a really good idea LOL

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hostelbookers >>is good too, i actually prefer it to hostel world

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You might even find some deals on this sight…

Happy hunting


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hope all of you are doing ok, i think that the best website to get good prices on hostels is and they actually have a very big list of hostels around the world. Check it out! grin


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I often use as they’re cheap and easy to use, with low buget hostels and b&bs; and sometimes, if I’m organised I use - its cheap uni accommodation that anyone can use when the students aren’t there. You just have to get your timings right is all with them. Both have sorted me out a few times tho. cool smirk