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We’re about to publish our list and put them on site, but keen to know if there are any which you think we should know about.

Click here to find them:

If you can stick the link to them in your messages below it’ll help us find them quicker

Thanks!  :D
- Tom

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Joined 2006-09-24 recommended hostels in AUSTRALIA:

Alice Springs | Annie’s Place >>

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I found ACB in Auckland a horribly, soulless place.

The best place we found in the whole of NZ was:

Te Nikau Retreat in Punakaiki, on the West Coast
They have these amazing individual little huts in the the rainforest. Awesome.

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I found ACB to be pretty good. Yeah, I agree it’s a little bit clinical, but for meeting people it’s a great place to start. Particularly as most people start their NZ experience in Auckland. Their travel agents were also very good when i was there.

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I’ll have a think about others I found to be awesome, but off the top of my head, the stand-alone “best hostel of my trip award” would probably go to

La Chimba in Santiago >>
Apparently it’s become a lot more popular lately, but the standards are just as high.

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A few options, but first a caveat: nothing divides opinion more than a hostel.

You’ll see awesome and shocking reviews online for most hostels, so don’t get too wrapped up in what other people say, unless it’s unanimously bad. Find out for yourself.

Broome | Kimberley Klub >>
Busy place, but I like it a lot. Good fun and very well organised.

Berri, SA (north of Adelaide / Murray Riverland | Berri Backpackers >>
Best hostel I’ve ever stayed at in Australia. It’s a working hostel, but still well worth a few days here even if you’re not looking for work. Call them first if it’s work you’re after, because they have peaks and troughs on the work front.

Kingston on Murray/Barmera (Murray Riverland) | Nomads on Murray >>
An out-and-out working hostel, but has a pool and is in a great location next to a lagoon, just off the River Murray. A few miles from the nearest town (Barmera). Has farm work all year round. Call first, because he gets busy at the start of the year.

Huonville / Cygnet TAS | Huon Valley Backpackers / Balfe’s Hill >>
Great for work between Oct and April, but volume of work rises and falls during this time. Jayne’s not anything like as bad as some reviews will have you believe. Call up-front if it’s work you’re looking for, and be prepared to wait a few days until you get a decent job. Sticking it out will ensure you rise up the work list and start getting the better jobs.

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Ok… Here’s a few from me:

Singapore | The Inn Crowd >>
Hardly a hidden gem, but does deserve its reputation.

Fremantle | Sundancers >>
I remember happy hour here always being a very happy time indeed.

<a rel=“nofollow” target=“_blank” target=“_blank”>Perth | Ocean Beach Backpackers >></a>
Not the cleanest, or the best value, or the most comfortable hostel in the world, but the location is sweeeeeet. Right on Cottesloe beach, so great if you’re looking for a great place for watersports, this is your place. (NB: I am, of course, talking about outdoor watersports. If you’re into dorm room watersports, you can probably pick any hostel. Though not the top bunk).

<a rel=“nofollow” target=“_blank” target=“_blank”>Byron Bay | The Arts Factory >></a>
is one that a lot of people recommend, but my personal choice is the YHA. Cracking little hostel, and a little underated, if I’m honest.

Sydney | Big Hostel >>
Good location. Nice bar on the roof. Decent kitchen. Generally a nice change from the usual Sydney hostels.

Wellington, NZ | YHA >>
A modern, comfortable hostel with a huge kitchen. There’s also car parking nearby, which is handy if you’ve got a rented car/van.

Quito, Ecudor. | Crossroads >>
This is a friendly, small hostel which has a 24 hour kitchen (always handy) where you can order food and drink to be cooked for you. Wicked location.

Canoa, Ecuador | Hotel Bambu >>
Like living in paradise. Right on the beach, cheap rooms with own toilets and balcony, great bar with a fantastic happy hour. Cash only though, so bring money as there is no ATM nearby.

Rio De Janeiro | Che Lagarto, Copacabana or Ipanema >>
Cracking party hostels. Safe, clean and full of booze. Just what any backpacker needs.

I;ha Grande, Brazil | Aquario Hostel >>
The best hostel in Brazil. Fact. Free kayaks and surfboards, right on the beach, free BBQs, decent rooms, some of the best beaches in the world. Quite simply raises the bar for hostels anywhere.

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Kuala Lumpur | Red Palm Guest House >>

Chiang Mai | Julie’s Guest House >>
Super cheap and great for the money. for under 200 baht a night you can get a double room with ensuite. Not as basic as you might think. Great little bar and rooftop chill-out area with hammocks. Bit annoying when it’s fully booked.

Bangkok | New Siam Guest Houses >>
Little chain of guest houses around the Rambuttri area, just off Khao San Road. All lovely, and they vary in price from about 400 baht up to 1500 baht a night. You can share double and triple rooms though, which makes it cheap. Number 2 has a nice pool. Nice staff.

Battambang (Cambodia) | Royal Hotel
Superb guest house. Perfect base for exploring the area. Great rooftop bar. Hook up with the motorbike taxi fellas in the foyer and spend a day out in the countryside with them. Great experience, lovely chaps. Try and form a bit of a gang and head out on the bikes together.


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Ottawa Backpackers Inn >>

Its definitely the best hostel i have been to in Canada.

It’s very relaxed and like a house.


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la chimba - santiago >>

Thought I’d listed this one, but seem to have overlooked it. Totally one of my favourites too.

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Bangkok - My House Guest house

Located on Rambuttri near KSR. Not going to lie but the some of the staff are pretty rude and the room defo aren’t the best but it’s undoubtably a very easy place to meet new people and the rooms are well cheap.

Singapore - Sleepy Sam’s

Definetely the nicest hostel i’ve stayed in. Reasonably priced also

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Red Lantern House >> - amazing place in traditional chinese style house


Cooee on St Kilda >> so friendly and felt like home

Santiago de Chile

Don Santiago >> Pato the owner is great and its about half the price of everywhere else and I have no idea why

Ilha Grande

Che Legarto >> what can i say this place is paradise. On an island with no roads or even ATMs.  This hostel has decking out the front for drinks and food which stands over the gently lapping sea.  Paradise!!

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USA Hostels Hollywood >>

New Zealand
Auckland- Nomads Fusion >> for sure!

Bay of Islands/Paihia- Bay Adventurers! With new rooms and pool/spa

Nelson- Paradiso >>

Queenstown >> 100% the new Nomads its amazing

Melbourne- Greenhouse Backpackers >>

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Trekker Camp Hostel >> Chiang Mai, Thailand.

this place is an absolute gem, 90 pence per night, free bicycles, free internet, big dorms no bigger than 4 beds. The people that run this place are amazing, would do anything for you, bring you various Thai delights to eat and drink all through your stay for free, take you out and about as if you were one of their family, they also organise some amazing treks and activities. Take a look at their website - quality. Best place I stayed in the north of Thailand.