Dana Carpano: why you should go for single sex dorms!

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Dana Carpano: why you should go for single sex dorms!


normally when i get asked the question do you want a girls only dorm i just say i really don’t mind just the nicest room. that nearly always gets me put in a mixed dorm and well i really don’t mind i think girl travellers are messy and boy travellers are dirty. but most of the time there are not any problems with mixed dorms.

however after my experience in byron next time i get asked that question the answer will be girls only please.

i turned up in my room and did the normal search for the nicest bed avalible sometimes it can be hard to tell which bed is free but this was a particulary nice hostel where the rooms where split level chalets and the way it work i had a single bed at the top of the stairs which was affectivly like my own room there was loads of space to spead out you stuff which most of us did!

i had four hooks hanging above my bed where i put my towel, swimmers, jumper and pj’s. directly underneath this was the upstairs bin. there were only 3 beds upstairs me another girl and a guy. i had noticed that on his hook he had a thing that looked slightly like a gun i was a bit like oh my god. as the first thing my best mate had said to me when i said i’d be sharing a room with strangers for the next 5 months was “oh my god they could be murders” it hadn’t actually occured to me that that could happen but that just shows the way the mind works in different peoples heads. anyway when i saw the gun type thing i did have a slight i don’t like this moment. but then thought ahhh i’m sure it will be alright.

so this guy was slightly wierd he didn’t really talk and had strange sleeping habits i swore i could hear him playing with himself (i’m not talking about a game of chess) about 4 times a night. and this was every night i thought that was slighty high even for a mans standard but wasn’t entirely sure what the noise was so just forgot about it (until i heard it again the next night and the next)

on the saturday night he was chatting to his mates and i found out the gun thing was actually a spear gun. they were saying how he had like a leathal weapon in the room and asked me what i thought i said i didn’t mind as long as he didn’t shoot me and he jokingly said well as long as i keep quite.

he went out that night and got increadibly drunk i could tell by the way he was stumbling back in! then halfway through the night i heard him get up going “oh s**t s**t s**t ” and running towards my bed. then i heard him stop about where the bin was at first i wondered why he had stopped there and thought he might be pointing the gun at me. (my imagination going wild) then i thought maybe he was gonna be sick and i really hoped it wasn’t gonna do it in the bin. and then i heard the weird noise that sounded like he was playing with himself!

i sat there confused for a while and then couldn’t sleep all night as i thought the only rational explanation to this is maybe he sleep walks and then i kept thinking if he sleep walks maybe he would get up pick up the gun and shoot me(i have a vivid imagination and always think the worst! )

i awoke the next morning to find my towel missing i knew it had benn hanging by my bed and first thought was he had taken it in that wierd experience last night! i went and looked by his bed and sure enough there was my towel. i then notice his underpants where where my towel was! he might have thought it a fair exchange but i loved my towel! (never take things you love travelling with you) it was complete with a picture of david coulthard! i still do not know to this day what he did with my towel and i’m not sure i want to maybe he had a secret obsession with david coulthard?

so the storey continues that i didn’t want to pick up my towel not knowing where it had been! and i wasn’t prepared to pay money to wash it as it had just been washed the day before and i thought i’d give him the chance to return it. but he didn’t and i began to wonder if my sleep walking theory was correct as he seemed to have no recolection of the insident the proof came when he came to pick up his underpants which were by my bed and you could tell from the look on his face he had no idea how they had ended up by my bed! which i found quite amuzing!

so in the end i reclaimed my towel and washed it although it took two washes before i felt safe to used it again!

that has to be the wierdest, funnist thing that has happened to me this trip!

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hey, i dont normally read blogs, but this caught my attention and made me laugh so much!! I would have been as scared as you, but honestly wtf this guy had a gun?!?!?! Still made me laugh out loud xx

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lol…also female snorers not cool…

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I was once rocked to sleep by some people shagging on the bunk below me. Love travel.