Places of interest between Toronto and Quebec City

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Places of interest between Toronto and Quebec City


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Do any of you have suggestions of which towns or places to visit on my roadtrip between Toronto and Quebec City? I have heard of Thousand Islands. Are they easy to get to and which ones?

What would the best route be to see Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City and maybe some other eastern Provinces?



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I recommend a visit to Ottawa, I had a great weekend there once; the War Museum and Museum of Civilisation are really interesting, and the Parliament has free tours. Generally its a really laid back friendly city, with good places to eat and drink too.

I don’t know about getting to the 1000 islands though…

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Hey, I’m sort of doing this but the other way - throwing in Boston and NYC too. I’m planning on going to Algonquin in Ontario just to get away from the city hudle and bustle, do some hiking, rent a kayak or something. From there on to Ottawa, I’ll do a day trip down to Kingston to see the 1000 Islands. I’ll then visit Montreal, I’d like to go up to Ft Coulougne as there looks like an amazing backpackers hostel there which is ran by a white water rafting company. They do trips out rafting all the time, have free kayak rentals on the lake that the hostel is on the edge of, and it just seems like all the reviews are fantastic. It’s part of the HI network, HI Davidson. I’d also like to get out to Mont Tremblant. Some friends of mine went there last fall and raved about it. One girl was doing the Moose tour so went with them on that, then a few other friends mentioned that they were going there so she decided to stay on and explore more with them. I’ll also be visiting Quebec City, and then I’d like to get up to Tadoussac to explore the Fijors and go whale watching. From Montreal I may also hire a car and drop down into upstate NY. The Adirondacks are truly stunning, I’m a little biased as I worked as a counsellor at a summer camp there but I’d love to go back, stay in Lake Placid and get in some good hiking there too. Other options could be Trois Rivere and Sherbrooke…


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What would the best route be to see Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City and maybe some other eastern Provinces?

well toronto is the furthest west and quebec city is the furthest east, to get from one from the other you basically go through ottawa and montreal.

all 4 places are worth a visit.

if you wanted to go a little in the wilderness you could head up into the gaspe peninsula which is to the north east of quebec. its supposedly beautiful.

no worthwhile cities are east of quebec city unless you want to drive all the way to Halifax, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

what time of year are you going?



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You could definitely try here for ideas on where to visit/eat/shop:

Hope that helps! Happy & safe travels!