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DooYoo Review website. 

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DooYoo is a website that pays you to write quality reviews of products.

It’s a really simple idea - you write a quality review of a product which is over 150 words and completely original (no copying from another review site!) and DooYoo will pay you 500 DooYooMiles - that’s equivalent to 50p. You can only write 5 reviews a day to begin with but that’s £2.50 a day. In the rest of April, if you start today, you could have earned yourself £47.50. The reviews take about ten minutes each for me to write, so if you have a spare hour that you usually waste on facebook? Put it towards making yourself some money for your trip!

I’ve been on DooYoo for two days so far, and I’ve got 6310 points in my account. That works out as £6.31. I forgot to mention that you get 1.5p for every time someone reads your review and finds it helpful. It adds up really quickly, people. Let’s not pretend that it’s the same as getting a second job or anything, but it’s not bad for an hour I spend tip-tapping away on my laptop whilst relaxing in front of the TV.

When you’ve earned £10 (10,000 DooYooMiles or 20 reviews or 4 days’ work) you can get your money in the form of an Amazon voucher. If you want cash - and here’s the catch - you have to wait until you’ve built up £50 (50,000 DooYooMiles or 100 reviews or 20 days’ work) before they’ll send you a cheque. And they DO send you a cheque - it’s attested on the fabulous Money Saving Expert website.

If anyone’s interested, please give me your email address. If you feel confident you’re not going to get spammed, then post it here. I’ll watch the thread. If you’re worried, then PM it to me. If I send you a link through the website, I get 500 DooYooMiles (50p) when you join. Or rather, when you write your first review. Don’t worry if you just want to go ahead and join without passing your email address for me to earn the 50p - I’ve found it’s a really great resource, and I’m happy to help out anyone I can.

I hope it suits you, and good luck in your moneymaking!