Budget for 1 month in Japan... ??? need help

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Budget for 1 month in Japan… ??? need help

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Hi! I need help to plan my trip to japan.
My plan is I’m going to go with my friend, so it’s only the 2 of us all female
and my traveling experience is really limited :(
I don’t know how much money should I bring to spend 1 month in Japan.
All I know, Japan’s living cost is really BIG and so do the accommodation there.
How to cut my expenses there but still can enjoy myself in Japan?
a little bit impossible huh?  LOL
This is my outline planning:
I’m going to stay there around 1 month or maybe 3 weeks; the cities I wanted to visit are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Okinawa…
OMG!!! it’s really sounds expensive LOL  anyway, Japan is always on my top destination list so… whatever, I’m going!
Please… I need help… I need to know the budget smile
thanks a lot everybody…


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Hi, im going to Japan for three weeks as well and I’d heard about how Japan was supposed to be a really expensive country for accommodation but if you look around the prices are actually pretty reasonable especially if you are travelling with another person. It’s obviously not as cheap as places like Thailand and China but it’s quite comparable to what you would expect to pay in the U.K.

My budget per day in Japan for spending money (excluding accommodation) is £25 but I’m thinking of raising that to £35 per day. So for a 3 week stay that would be between £500 and £700 for spending money on your food and sightseeing etc..

Now for accommodation because I’m a solo traveller and i prefer en suite rooms it has been more expensive than it could have been. My hostel costs have totalled up to around £550 for 3 weeks staying in Tokyo,Yokohama,Kyoto,Osaka,Fukuoka and Narita.

But if you stay in dorm rooms then you could probably spend a third of that, half if you have a private twin room for you and your friend.

Also I’ve heard getting to Okinawa can be quite expensive if you are on a budget so it might be better to look into missing out Okinawa if money is tight.

To get around the country I’m getting a 14 JR Rail pass that lets you go on nearly all JR operated Train Lines for a 14 day period. There are 7 and 21 day passes also available. Getting a pass would be beneficial if you are planning on taking lots of day trips and travelling long distances but it isn’t necessary for any time you will be spending around the Tokyo area as you could just use local trains and the subway. The 7 day pass costs £200 and the 14 day costs £340.

So for everything I’ve estimated my 3 week Japan Trip will cost around £2000, which sounds a lot but when you take away the travel costs of the flight and rail pass it comes out to around £1000 which a lot of people recommend is the average amount of money needed to live in Japan for a month.

Here are a few hostels that offer Twin rooms cheaply in the cities you want to stay and how much they cost for 5 nights.

Khaosan Tokyo Original - £95 PP -  http://www.hostelworld.com/availability.php/Khaosan-Tokyo-Original/Tokyo/10077

Hotel Taiyo (Osaka) - £55 PP - http://www.hostelworld.com/availability.php/Hotel-Taiyo/Osaka/8135

Tomato Kyoto Station - £110 PP - http://www.hostelworld.com/availability.php/Tomato-Kyoto-Station/Kyoto/30310

Little Asia Okinawa - £75 PP - http://www.hostelworld.com/availability.php/Little-Asia-Okinawa/Okinawa/25308

So if you were to stay in those cities for 5 nights each it would cost you and your friend £335 each which is based on you staying in a Twin room with shared bathroom.

Now if you really are intent on getting to Osaka here are a few options

Air - A return from Tokyo to Okinawa is going to be at best around 25,000 yen and at worst 70,000 yen so you could expect to pay about £180 if you find a good deal.

Ferry - Long haul ferries take 44 hours from Tokyo and cost £160 one way. From Kagoshima it takes 25 hours to Okinawa and costs £95 one way.

So just to summarise here is a bit of an outline as to how much your trip might costs.

Flights - If you are flying from the U.K to Tokyo it is always going to be quite expensive but prices vary from weather or not you go from London and what time of year you leave. I’m going in July from Manchester and the cheapest return fare is £600. If you leave from London not in summer you could probably get flights for around £500.

Accommodation - £335 per person for 20 nights in the cities you specified.

Spending Money - £25 per person if you spend carefully which is £500 for 3 weeks.

Travel - 7 day rail pass £200 or 14 day £340 depending on how much you’ll be moving about. Add an extra £200ish if you go to Okinawa.

So for your 3 week trip you will be looking at a grand total of…

Between £1535 and £1975

That should help you get started planning

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Wow… that’s really informative.
thanks a lot.
well yeah, Okinawa is really expensive but I still wanna go there
I think it’s really a waste if I go to Japan without visiting Okinawa
so, I’m going to cut down my visit time in Tokyo and other city so I can use the money for ticket to Okinawa
well, tell me about your trip when u come back smile
now I can figure out how to plan my trip and I’m going to start now
thanks to you smile