HELP! Just need something clearing up re 2nd year Working Holiday Visa

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HELP! Just need something clearing up re 2nd year Working Holiday Visa


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I’m off to oz on a WHV on the 29th August, I was wondering whether you guys could advise me on something? I’m starting off in Sydney for a couple of weeks then I intend to go out to one of the specified areas in regional Australia (not gonna stray too far from NSW- wanna get back in time for the start of the Super Rugby season!) to do my 3 months work fruit picking or working on a farm so that I could get my visa extended in case I wanted to stay for a 2nd year. I was wondering whether to qualify for a 2nd year you had to be employed for 88 days doing specified work or you have to have worked 88 working days? If any of you could clear this up for me it would be a great help as it’s been bugging me!

All the best,


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I think this is a bit of a grey area….
Techincally it’s supposed to be 88 days work, I think.
But from what I’ve heard they won’t pick you up if you’re a couple of days short, if you’ve spent a fair bit of time working there.
Say if you lived/worked there for 4 months and only work 86 days, I don’t think they’re going to care.

Sorry, I know this is a bit of a rubbish answer and I haven’t checked the government website or anything (I’m sure that might give you the answer?! from word of mouth from other travellers, I’ve heard the criteria with regards days is a bit vague!


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How to calculate specified work
‘Three months’ means three ‘calendar’ months or 88 days. Work can be:

•in one block with one business So working from 1st August to 1st November with one farmer
•in separate blocks with one business or a number of businesses. Blocks of work may be in different kinds of specified work.
Full time workers may include weekends in calculating the number of days worked. So work for a six weeks working 6 days a week = 36 days, go travelling, go to a different farm = 52 days of work which is 2 months/9 weeks, hence better to just work a block of three calandar months rather then days, but farm work is seasonal and cyclones and stuff can effect work

Applicants who work part time or on a casual basis can only count the full days actually worked. The shortest period that can be counted is one day of full time work (for any given industry). So this is the case if you went travelling or were sacked

Full time workers can count sick days only during periods where they were in paid employment and entitled to sick leave or covered by a workers compensation scheme. In these situations, supporting evidence must be provided by the employer. Get a Medicard

Applicants who were prevented from obtaining employment because of injury or seasonal circumstances cannot count any time they were unable to work towards the three month period.
Example: Cyclones interrupting harvest activities.

Some possible examples to help clarify the definition of three months of specified work are outlined below.

Examples of three (3) months
Examples that meet the three month requirement

•Working week
You work on a farm for three months for five days each week, where the farmer considers five days a week to be full time work.
•Shift work
You are employed as a miner for three months and under the employment contract you are only required to work every second week, which is the standard full time contract for the industry.
•Blocks of work
You complete 60 days of harvest work, followed by a period of travel for two months. Then you complete another 28 days in construction, bringing the total days worked to 88 days.
•Sick days
You are employed for a three month period but take several days of sick leave during the period.
Examples that do not meet the three month requirement

•Working week
Four days a week is considered full time work by the farm, but you only work three days a week for three months.
•Work done on another visa type
You complete three months of specified work during your summer break while on a Student visa.
•Seasonal circumstances
You pick bananas for 80 days on a casual basis, but cannot find more work as there is a cyclone and your first Working Holiday visa ceases.No idea how people do it, 88 days hard labour!!!!


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Fantastic, thanks a lot guys your answers are much appreciated and have set my mind at ease smile

Just counting the weeks down now until I leave!


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My sister is currently in OZ as we speak, on a WHV.  She spent a year there working and whilst working up there she found the company she is working for was unable to sponser her for another year. Something like that anyway. So she really wanted to stay up there, so she did some research and found out that if she did some voluntary type work in a farm for 88 days, which she did in Tasmania, she would qualify for a Second WHV. That’s something along the lines that she told me.

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Except you can get paid. You don’t have to volunteer.

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Ok, so I have a questions with regards to this 2nd year. I’m so confused with what jobs i should apply for to defintely get my 2nd year.

There are jobs as Au Pairs and nannys on Farms in rural areas (which are in the correct post code areas on the website)

Can you work on a farm as an Au pair to get your second year visa? or is it just fruit picking, tractor and agricultural work?

These position were also saying you garden, and help with the animals etc etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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The website actually specifically says that Au Pair jobs don’t count.

You could try Wwoofing? Some of these projects count and often they are a lot more interesting and do not involve you working for a crazy amount of hours. You dont earn anything but you also don’t spend anything!

Having said that i enjoyed fruit picking!  :D

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Not looked into it myself before, just been on the gov site and was reading through the list of types of work that count towards it etc, thought others might like the link rather than finding it.