Looking for a buddie to plan a trip to oz with!

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Looking for a buddie to plan a trip to oz with!

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Hi all smile

Im 26 and i think its about time i get my act together and plan my trip to oz. Ive been putting it off soo long because im terrified to plan a trip and travel alone, it seems very daunting and if i dont book something or get some sort of plan ill forget the whole thing and regret it for the rest of my life haha, dont want that to happen! eekkk..

Im thinking may/ june 2011 i know its agessss away but i need to have it booked to start some serious saving!!!! id like to travel a couple weeks thailand, east coast oz and then settle into my working visa for the remander few months of my working visa and do something fun on the way home!

anyway if you’re interested in the same sort of plan or time jezz a shout smile

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Hi smile

I’m in exactly the same boat as you! I’m 26, have always wanted to go travelling but I’ve let other things and people hold me back and now I’m thinking I’ve just gotta do it…even if that means on my own!!! So scary though.

I really want to go to Australia and fancy being in Sydney for Christmas/New Year next year (I’d imagine like 99% of travellers!) and want to travel up and down the east coast.

I’ve only just started thinking about it again so haven’t decided on any details really, need to do some research lol!

Keep me posted on your plans, would love to have someone to go with properly, even if its just to start off with to take the edge off!! xx


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Hi I’m 24 and planning to go to Australia around July next year. I have been wanting to travel for ages and have decided it is time I finally get around to doing it! Worried about going on my own so would love somebody to travel with.xx

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Hey everyone,
Just came across your messages and sounds like we’re all thinking the same thing!  I almost went to Australia last year but last minute nerves about going alone made me change my mind…and Ive regretted it ever since!!
So I’m planning it again and definately not backing out this time!
I’m 24 years old and hoping to travel June’ish next year, would love to make some friends before I leave so that going alone might seem a little less scary!
Look forward to hearing from you
Lauren x

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Hey guys,

I am going to SE Asia on 6th March 2011 for maybe 4-5 months and then going to Australia after that, so maybe August time? I want to stay there for aslong as I can, hopefully a full year.
So defo looking for people to hang out with etc!

Add me on fb or something if you’re up for it :]

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Hey, my names Bekkha, I’m 21 and planning Oz, woop! That’s about as far as I’ve got currently, other than I know i want to be there in Sept 11.
Christmas in the sun? I’m up for that!
Going with people would be great, and advice on where the hell to start with an entire country would be much appreciated. Just finished my degree and sooo don’t want a proper job right now, so off to see the world i go instead smile
I’m thinking Thailand ... New Zealand ... Canada ... At some point. I’m not far on my plans, as i’m sure has become ever so obvious by now xx


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Hi guys,

I’m 20 and I have always wanted to go travelling also. Recently Aus has really caught my eye and i’m REALLY looking into going next year. I’m not sure when I am going to go… probably around August/September next year so that I have plenty of time to save!! I want to work over there for at least 3 months, but i’d try and stay as long as I could, i’m sure I won’t wanna go home!

It would be really nice to meet a few people who feel the same so message me guys! smile

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Hey all,
I’m heading out to the land of Oz in september next year and would be great to find others that are heading out there around the same time to meet up with and share some the fun with.

I’ll be working out there and planning on staying in Sydney up until the new year, house sharing would be a cheaper option if anyone is interested?


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I have much the same plan, was in Oz in 2007 but only for a few weeks always planned to do it properly but am only getting around to it now..was hoping to leave in April/May 2011 all going well..will go alone but company is always better!!have lots of contacts too re places to stay..let me know how the plannings going…
Saoirse :D

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seems like alot of us have the same sort of plan! i would like to get something booked end of january so theres no backing out haha . if anyone is interested in sorting out a plan of attack for june/ july time lets get organising smile smile smile

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Hi guys, just finished uni and really fancy heading to Oz july/Aug 2011 next year, travelling up (or down!!) the east coast, and then heading over to New zealand beginning of september for the rugby world cup!!!
Obviously site seeing is important!!...but really looking to just have some fun over there, meet some amazing new people and just have the time of my life really!
Feel free to add me n email me on facebook if anyones got any ideas!! i kinda dont really no where to start on the planning front!!!
cheers. h x

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hey guys,
i am also thinking along the same lines, i am now 26, have always wanted to go travelling but dont want to go by myself but havent found anyone to go with. time is getting on now and if i dont do it next year i dont think i ever will. so i would love to chat to some of you about your plans. im thinking of going the end of june / begginning of july after glastonbury. please send me a message if you would like to chat more smile


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Hi guys this sounds right up my street im planning on going in September 2011 so i can save save save!! Wanna start in oz and spend xmas and new years there then go anywhere really depending on who i meet etc…am currenetly planning on travelling alone! Im 26 and cant wait to get away from this boring life! Hurry up and msg back so we can start planning :D x

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Hi All,

Its nice to know so many of you are in the same situation as me!!! Im 21 female from essex in uk and im looking to travel to australia around sept 2011!! Ive never travelled for a long period of time before and i can’t wait!!

My friends are either getting married or settling down and thats really really NOT me!! at the moment im looking to see the world and have memorys that last a life time!! im looking for a travel buddie to experience it all with so we aint going it alone!!

I have not got a clue where to start or end but i know im going!! lol

If anyone is interested get in touch grin

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heyyy girls, im 21 and in september i will be travelling to and around oz and would love to be able to go with people wanting to do the same.
I have no major plans made up yet, i want to start of in sydney ideally but other than that have no preferences, guess i need to start thinking more, i am going for a year so would deffinately love to start the journey with a great bunch.
Im up for september ...count me in smile

feel free to add me on faceboook or email me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if its easier

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Hey all,

Looks like you are all doing similar to myself. I’ll be in Melbourne from 22nd Sept 2011 and will be spending about 8 months travelling and working up the East Coast.

If anyone is interest in meeting up and working and travelling then feel free to message me, thanks x