Best Route Around Bali - Lombok - Gili island (typical tourist trail)

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Best Route Around Bali - Lombok - Gili island (typical tourist trail)

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hey guy’s

i could do with some help on planning a roujte for around indonesia, i have 30 days to do it in and want to visit gili islands, mt bromo, lombok, jakarta and anywhere else you know of, im in kuta atm and do not have a clue where to start as i have to be back in bali for a flight.

Anyones route tip or advicde is welcome and appreciated

Thank youu

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Hey Mellymoo,

Travelling around Bali/Lombok is pretty straight forward. There is a tourist service called ‘Perma Buses’ that takes you all over the island. They are mini-buses, easy to book, and a great way to meet other travellers. However, they are a little expensive for what they are, and I’m afraid there isn’t much choice.

A cheaper option is taxi. If you’re good at bartering then you can get a good price, but obviously shared between 4. Sometimes its best just to grab 3 other people if you’re travelling on your own.

Bali/Lombok (and the rest of Indo) is much more expensice than SE Asia, but much cheaper than Oz, so a happy half-way house. You are just going to have to take the hit.

Distances are short. I have a feeling that it takes (supposedly) 6 hours to cross from one side of Bali to the other, though we all know that it takes a lot longer than that!

Lombok is the same. Getting there is another matter.

To get to the Gili’s, I would take the fast boat. Again, it costs, but it only takes a few hours.

I took the slow boat via Lombok and we are talking over 24 hours of travelling here. Depends on whether you want ease or price!

Let me know if you want anything else.



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I loved Indonesia! Would love to hear how you got on with your 30 days if you get a chance!

We had the 30day visa too and did it totally the wrong way (in my opinion) we ended up darting between sumatra, java and Bali and saw a tiny bit of everything, so i hope you used your time better than us hehe! LOL

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hi mellymoo,

i basically did bali, got the fast boat to gilis spent 10 days there, then took a trip to flores that took in - lombok, sumbawa, komodo, rinca and flores - it was amazing and the further east you go the more you feel like you are gettin off the travellers trail! i then made my way back to bali and took a flight to medan in sumatra and visited berastagi, bukit lewang, banda aceh and pulau weh - my total time in indo was jus over a month - and i had the best time in sumatra - its absolutely wild! as u r flying out of bali maybe just try and go as far east as you can then double back - but the internal flight i took to sumatra wasnt that expensive! if u wanna know anything else give me a shout!



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Tim! Yay i’m so pleased there is someone else on here who went to Pulau Weh, isn’t it amazing!!!!!??? Where abouts did you go? We went to spent 4 days on Iboih Beach and ended up staying nearly 2 weeks diving, the guys at Rubiah were so laid back it was just so cool….

But then because of this we couldn’t do Bukit Lawang or anywhere else on sumatra- how did you find it? We obviously saw banda Aceh and Medan for one day each but that was it so i’d love to go back, what a stunning part of the world smile You must have been pretty rushed though doing all of that in a 30 day visa!??!

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I’m looking at routes for my trip to Indonesia now and this is really good advice. I want to go to Pulau Weh now too smile


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Hi there,

My husband and I are going to Bali, Gilis Islands and Lombok for two weeks in October.  Do you have any tips to share? Things that are a must do or that you would do differently next time?

Thanks so much!

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My sister went to all three in two weeks. Pretty sure she went to Seminyak and Ubud in Bali too. I guess it just depends how much you want to be travelling around, and how much you want to be actually IN a place.

When I travel I like to move slowly and see more in one place rather than rush round trying to fit in loads of different places, but that’s just me cool smile

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We did around a month in Indonesia during our RTW trip. We actually started in Jakarta (meh) and then headed East to Yogyakarta by train (nice place with amazing temples near by) and on to Mount Bromo (Worth it if you get the weather) before flying to Bali.

In Bali we spent most of our time in Ubud and Nusa Lembonggan, both highly recommended! Then we got the boat to Gilis before heading back to Bali and flying to Flores. From here we dived (stunning!) and then got the boat trip back to Lombok taking in Komodo, Rinca etc (Basic but well worth it!).

A bit of a messed up way of doing it. I would go with what has previously been recommended, fly east to Flores, work your way back to Bali (cross over to Mt Bromo if you can, there are pretty cheap flights servicing the fairly local airport from what i remember).

Doing all this in a month is still a lot, so don’t even think about Sumatra. Save that for another trip (as we will be doing). Would happily head back to Indo at least another 3-4 times to explore more of it.


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Hi guys…

Im desy from Jakarta Indonesia, i have plan to explore lombok, gili trawangan, labuan bajo and komodo island in middle of october 2015, if anyone would like to joint me it is very welcome, or if anyone would like to visit jakarta or java just let me know, i will give u guys advice to axplore my city.