What’s your favourite travel album?

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What’s your favourite travel album?

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Hi Gappers,

It’s debate time.

Always a hot topic of discussion, but what is your favourite travel album to listen to on the road???

Some like listening to classical, some like listening to hip-hop, and some like listening to rock. There is no right or wrong answer here, just opinions and views.

OK, I’ll get the ball rolling.

One of my all-time favourite travel albums is ‘Simple Things’ by Zero 7. It is super chilled for any occasion, from the early morning bus journeys to kicking back and chillaxing on the beach. It is a perfect album from start to finish, with ‘Destiny’, ‘Distractions’ and ‘In the Waiting Line’ featuring strongly, and there’s not a bad song to be seen.

Now it’s your turn.

We would love to hear what you’ve been listening to - to what takes you away to another time, to another place.

Post your views below, and let the debate begin.

Oh, and if you can’t think of a particular album then listen to our Gapyear.com playlist on Spotify to see if we can get those creative juices flowing… or post your own Spotify playlist and see if you can get our creative juices flowing!!!


The Ultimate Chilled Gapyear

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ha i know i said this on my last post.. but without a doubt takk by sigur ros.

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moby - prob because of the beach!

also the XX seriously chilled out!

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I tend to have a compilation rather than one album, so I guess the closest I have to a complete ‘travel tunes’ album is Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild (the film soundtrack). I find Coldplay X&Y very chilled to travel to as well.

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MGMT’s first album. Played that on repeat on the slow boat to Laos, seemed to fit in with the surroundings!

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Midnight Juggernaughts - Dystopia.

That whole album conjurs up so many emotions for me. It was the album i listened to on my first flight alone. So every song has a purpose. To me it sounds like an alien transmission,beemed straight into my brain,meant only for me. Very special. (There second album sucked)

Frank Turner - Any fucking song. Genius.

Digitalism - Idealistic. Played to death for months.

Any Jimmy Eat World. Love songs,sing alongs and anthems and can be played in any social situation without someone batting an eye lid.

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Kings of Leon, Only by the Night
Sex is on Fire was being played EVERYWHERE when I was doing Australia’s east coast. Then I hired a campervan to do the Great Ocean Road and my friend’s who I travelled with had one CD… it was Kings of Leon, which in three days we must have listened to the CD about 15 times.

Usually, I go for compilations too. One of Australia’s radio stations is called Triple J, and each year they release a “Triple J Hottest 100” CD, so I have a few of those and they are always a good mix of songs.

Radio 1 Live Lounge CDs are ok too.

Newton Faulkner “Hand built by robots” was an album I listened to on Vietnamese buses a bit.

I like MGMTs “Oracular Spectacular” too, was that their first album!?

Was I only allowed 1?! Oops

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Me and my boyfriend like heavier music, so went into The Warehouse in NZ and bought a Rage Against the Machine Live album for like $3 or something crazy.

Now everytime i think of driving round stunning mountains hugging the coast, i do literally hear ‘BOMBBB TRACKKK’ in my head and want to headbang and go crazy…

Totally love it, but thats just us!!!  8)

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All hostels must have a copy of Bob Marley’s Greatist Hits. It’s the law.

This used to apply to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication, too, although this law may no longer be in effect.

For me, ideally, I would say anythng by the Kings of Convenience would be up there. It’s pretty cool, chilled stuff that could be perfect for lazy mornings, afternoons and late night tales.

From personal experience, however, I have travelled the whole of Bolivia with only 3 CDs, as I lost all the others. They were: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Best Of, The Beatles No. 1s compilation and a random Shakira (spanish version) album.

An interesting mix.

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Florence and the Machine - Lungs
Definitely, this album perfects every journey. Short or long.  smile

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The Doors - The Doors

Every VIP bus I take, usually has me looking out of the window at a dark Thai countryside. This album always makes me feel like I am somewhere special. Somewhere unique. Somewhere far from home.

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The Chemical Brothers - “We Are The Night”

It takes me back to January 2008. It was the first time I ever travelled alone to New Zealand for a family reunion. I had this album on repeat the whole way there. I remember descending into Bangkok with “All Rights Reversed” and then “Saturate” playing. I never got to leave the airport to see Thailand on that occasion but the songs just lit a vision in my head that has made me want to go back ever since. The whole album just rolls along perfectly and takes your imagination on a journey. Ok so maybe that’s just me…

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Lolly: My First Album

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Oh add Angus & Julia Stone - Down The WAy to my list; it seems to have followed me everywhere this year.

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I’m just listening to Space Oddity by David Bowie. I think the last time I listened to this song was trekking in Borneo, singing it as loud as I could… good times…

Let’s get this post alive again - I like this topic…

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Almost anything by Pink Floyd or David Gilmour works for me. Taking a boat trip around a tropical island off the coast of Pula, Croatia with Gilmour’s album “On an Island” felt quite apt. When I scaled Ben Nevis with my friend Shaun we took Anathema’s Eternity. The epic guitar sounds of the track “Eternity Part II” sound like they were designed to be played upon a mountaintop, so that’s exactly what we did…