Currency in Bali.. Do I take USD or IDR (Indonisan Rupiah)

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Currency in Bali.. Do I take USD or IDR (Indonisan Rupiah)

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I’m leaving for bali next week :D but unsure as to what currency to take, please could somebody advise? would be much appreciated

Thanks matty

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When i was there a couple of yrs ago u needed dollars for ur visa (or get overcharged in rupiah like i did!!) and used rupiah everywhere else x


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Given that you can buy Indonesian Rupiah outside of Indonesia you would be worth getting around £100 worth in small denomination bills so you can pay for a taxi, snack etc on arrival without having the stress of finding an ATM or having to exchange money straight away.

Don’t buy USD just to exchange to Rupiah because you’ll lose out twice on the exchange rate. Take along some dollars for visas etc, and also ‘emergency’ $ which you keep safely hidden away in case you have your wallet stolen etc.

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Depends where you’re coming from? You can pay for your visa in whatever currency you have on you. I paid in Thai baht which came to about 1,200 if I remember. If you have dollars, you can pay that way too.

Don’t use any currency exchanger in the airport, they rip you off by about 20% in the conversion.

There’s plenty of ATM’s in the airport too however. Also remember, you’ll need to pay 150,00 rupiah when leaving the country too, so keep some spare change!