Oz May 2012 - feared to go alone!

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Oz May 2012 - feared to go alone! 

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Just got my WHV for Oz yesterday…soooo excited!  I’m heading out to SE Asia in May and then I’ll be in Australia from October onwards.  I’m crapping myself but totally excited at same time.  hopefully some of you fellow backpackers out there :D

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Daisyd - 04 January 2012 05:50 PM

Hey Daleos

I am going to be in Perth working from April/May. Do you know where you are planning to work when you get over there? I cannot wait to get over there grin

Hello! Cool, I’ll probably be in Sydney first, but I’d love to visit Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth too. Most likely I’ll spend most of my time working in Sydney, I just prefer the modern metropolis. What is attracting you to Perth at the moment?