Caxton FX Global Traveller Card or FairFx?

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Caxton FX Global Traveller Card or FairFx?

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Which ones best? Could do with some advice people wink


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There’s lots of threads on this topic. I’ve got the fairfx travel card for when I went to Europe - was very good.

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Thanks for that, ive read it and im still confused what to go for….

I’m swaying more towards Caxton because it doesnt charge you to withdraw.

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I had a caxton fx card it was mustard couldn’t understand everyone using there normal bank card getting charge a hell of a lot more than me.

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i am currently using the caxtonfx global card. easy to load, easy to withdraw (with an exchange rate that is pretty much the same as other places) free to withdraw. has been handy not having to carry lots of cash on me! and it works in fiji so cant complain.

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I’ve had a FairFX card for my last two trips, but now that they have started charging for withdrawals I’m going to swap to Caxton.
FairFX has a good rate if you’re going to use it as a debit card when you are abroad though, just not for withdrawals anymore.

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currently using caxton on our world trip and no problems at all - we got an extra card for £5 just incase we lost one too