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New York / New Jersey Info

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Hi guys
I am heading out the America in march to spend 9 months working as a soccer coach around the new york and new jersey areas.

Just wondered if anyone has some good info on the areas etc or know of any good avdvice and things to see and do when im there?



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I spent a few days in Atlantic City last year and Asbury Park (also great of you’re a Springsteen fan!).

Asbury park is nice, has a boardwalk and the old derelict casino on the front is interesting to see, though think they’re re-generating the whole area. The tented houses in Ocean Grove amid the huge Victorian looking houses are also an interesting site to see.

Atlantic City is a bit like Vegas, well, a lot like Vegas! But has an old-fashioned American seaside town feel about it in some areas, especially around the Steel Pier end.

I’m heading up the Jersey shore into New York mid-April next year, so let me know if you find anything good!!!


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As you are there for a long time you should be able to see a fair bit over your time there.
Around New York there are all the amazing sights of the citiy which there will be a million and one posts on in the forums (Empire State/Statue of Lib/Rfeller/Wall St etc etc). However if you are looking further afield within 4 hours north and south of New York you have Boston and Washington. I think over 2/3 days you could get a good insight into each of these cities and obviously you can go more than once (Mega bus does this route for $1.00 each way if you book in advance!)

I love politics and history and both of these cities have this in abundance- Boston has the freedom trail which is free and old ironside which is a war ship. Washington has all the museums and political buildings you could wish for (if this floats your boat).

You can also pick up some last minute flights to other cities in the USA (miami is close by via flight).

Other sites near New York includes Marthas Vineyard which is not that far from the city and Niagara falls will be a worthy trip north.

If you get the chance make a flight over to Chicago because it was one of my fave cities in the USA grin

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thanks for the comments guys!
im there for a long time so hopefully will get time to see around the areas etc.

Ive heard alot about New York so hopefully with only being just outside i can get to know New York pretty well in 9 months!

defo wanna explore further towns and cities and boston sounds like a great place.

keep in touch and if your out there when i am maybe be good to catchup and stuff?

thanks for the info! smile


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New York is a beautiful place to travel around there are many beautiful places to visit.I had also visited there for spending my holidays & the places i like there the most are Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, The Frick Museum, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Times Square, zoo in Central Park.



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also if you get a few days or on long weekends hop on the mega bus to washington dc its about 30 /40 dollars each way.

DC is a beautiful city most of the attractions are free , subway is cheap and brilliant 4 or 5 bucks for unlimited day ticket. Your obviously a sports fan and see some nfl/baseball/hockey live it is brilliant how the americans do it.

deffo check out mega bus pretty cheap all the way along the east coast and i think you can get to pittsberg/chicago on them to worth checking out.

Jelous id love to do something like you are doing, out of interest how did you manage to land such a great contract?