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Love Volunteers

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Has anyone volunteered through Love Volunteers?

They have a pretty active Facebook group with positive feedback from present/past volunteers… They’re also extremely affordable. I’m just trying to confirm that their projects are totally honorable.


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I am looking for a reputable volunteer company too….. It is hard to find genuine feedback! Maybe I’m overly suspicious but I am sure some of the posts on here are from companies pretending to be volunteers. This one called Love looks good but maybe a bit young? I have been checking out this site. It’s good for comparing and they seem to make sure the review is genuine from what I can tell


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I volunteered in Africa a few months ago and thought i better join the community and start giving back smile

When in Africa I heard that abroadreviews is actually owned by, or affiliated with ivhq. hence the great reviews they have there despite their lousy reputation locally.

The post above encouraged me to do a bit of research. The fact that abroadreviews has no contact or business information is a bit suspect. And even more dodgy is that (as of 09/02/12) the site is hosted on the same servers as sparksinteractive, the company that built the ivhq site. you can check this using this tool which shows all the sites on a server: I’ve taken screenshots in case they change it smile

With that in mind I would be very cautious about believing anything you read on abroadreviews. I think it’s safer to talk to people on Facebook as it’s much more difficult to create multiple FB personas than write a fake review. The company Love you mentioned above has 762 fans in their group - pretty hard to fake all of those.

So hnewg144 you certainly aren’t overly suspicious as that whole site is essentially fake. In fact, I’m amazed they’re not breaking some anti-trust laws by now disclosing their affiliation.

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Hi everyone, my name is Nathan and I own I just came across this post and thought that I’d better post to put a few things straight.

First of all, let me state that in no way is owned or associated with IVHQ or any other volunteer or study abroad program listed on our site.

I live in the UK and run the site from here, you can ask to verify the IP of this post if you would like, I know that we commonly track IP addresses on our site to see where posts come from. The reason it is hosted by sparks is that Im originally from New Zealand and plan to someday go back there so it just made sense. I got a bunch of quotes for the redevelopment of the site and they were the best so that’s why I chose them! I’m pretty happy with how it looks so I think I made a good choice, although if you want to recommend any changes to me always happy to listen!

As far as not posting ownership details, I made the mistake when I bought the site in May 2011 of not having private ownership. Literally within two weeks I received legal threats to my personal phone and my home address from programs that had negative reviews on the site. This shocked me and when I asked the previous owner what I should do and he ensured me that this wasn’t the first time and they were hollow threats. He recommended paying for private ownership so at least it had to come through the site contact pages or emails.

With regards to some companies having high reviews, literally 90% of the content came from before I owned it so I don’t think any of the ratings have changed too much. I have never removed any negative posts despite repeated threats by companies (I’ve had to ban some users who represent one of the particularly threatening programs - have a look if you want grin, I try to name and shame them, seems to work!). I believe that hnewg144 can vouch for this as I believe she was a user that posted some bad reviews herself and we never backed down to the programs that threatened us to make us remove them, I’m guessing that’s why she recommended us. Fake reviews are always going to be a problem with the web but if a user flags a review we do our best to look into it, its never fool proof but hopefully they’re outweighed by genuine reviews!

One of the key differences with the new site ownership and redesign is that I plan to take an active approach to weeding out fake reviews, both positive and negative. You can see on the site that this is taking place with a few naughty people being caught out!

Anyway, I take this accusation very seriously as I know the whole point of a review site is being able to trust it. I’d be happy to talk with anyone, my email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). If you email me I’d be more than happy to give you a call! Similarly, I’m in London so can even meet in person if you’re travelling through!

Hope this helps and all makes sense, let me know if not!