WHV Japan (Information on Jobs)

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WHV Japan (Information on Jobs)

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Hello all,

I realise there is a post regarding this but this board is all but dead so I figure this would be needed to breathe new air in to this topic.

I didn’t realise you could just apply for a WHV in Japan for 12 months from the UK. After all my travels it is without a doubt my favourite country, Kyoto being my all time favourite place to visit.

I am looking for any info on working out there. Are you limited to major cities such as Tokyo?

What type of work is available?

Anybody know of any websites that offer placements out there that IS NOT teaching. I have a degree but I would be looking to do this with my gf and she is not interested in teaching.

Any links to websites describing their experiences of this?

I just did a google search but seem to come up short. I guess I could just apply for one and arrive but in that instance Oz/Nz seem much safer WHV options as the language doesn’t become a barrier.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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Ski season? Lots of Australians and Kiwis come over and work at the big resorts during the winter, like Nagano and Niseko in Hokkaido. I’m not sure exactly what kind of work is available aside from giving lessons and manning the chairlifts, but I’m sure there must be chalet / bar / restaurant work. Unfortunately I can’t help with how to go about finding this; I’m doing the standard teaching thing! I guess just google ... the famous resort in Nagano is called Happa One.

You could also look into outdoor activity companies. I know someone who has recently started working for this company - http://www.canyons.jp/en - they run canyoning and rafting trips and a lot of the staff are foreign. This company also had a lot of foreign staff - http://bungyjapan.com/en/.

To be honest if you don’t speak much Japanese I’m not sure how easy it will be to find non-teaching work here ... is your gf definitely dead set against this, as it would be your best option and is relatively easy to find? I guess she could always go work in a hostess bar or something but I’m not sure how appealing that would be. tongue laugh

Sorry, this probably isn’t very helpful but the majority of foreigners I know over here are teaching, or have amazing Japanese and are working for Japanese companies doing translation and stuff.

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Soz that should be Happo One!

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Good work Amber!


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Teach English - loads of conversation schools hire WHV holders for part-time positions. Look at companies such as NOVA, ECC, AEON, etc.  Google teach in japan and the company name.