Female in India for 2 months then Burma February 28th 2013 onwards

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Female in India for 2 months then Burma February 28th 2013 onwards

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Looking for someone to meet up with in Dehli for 4 days from 28th Feb until 4th March - it’s going to be scary and it’s my first solo trip out of Europe ! I’m then volunteering in India for 5 weeks but after that it would be good to have a travel companion for 3 weeks (8th April until 2nd May) and then from 2nd May until 6th May going to Burma - anyone know what I can do for such a short time??


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I’m planning for a gap year ahead, (and I’m an Indian). Europe is going to be one of the destinations sometime later, but I may join you for the mentioned period at Delhi if all goes well.

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I’ve been looking into India, and I definitely want to do Burma too at some point. What you volunteering as? I think if you’re to Burma for 4 days it will be very difficult to do or see anything! Try your best to see Bagan if not just the Schewagdon Pagoda or whatever it’s called. ha

You decided on an Itinerary yet for India?

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With just 5 days in Burma you are going to really struggle to see stuff. I would say Yangon and golden rock are possible in 5 days but to do the really cool stuff like Inle Lake and Bagan you will need at least 7-10 days.

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if u are in delhi? than definatly visit diu beach its very nice calm and clean small iceland.u really enjoy there.the distans of delhi to diu is 1400 km.and if u find any help u can write me or ask me my call.from delhi to my city baroda is 1000 km and from baroda to diu is 450 km.u can also see the pics of diu on google.here i am living with my parents.