How much money do I need for 3 months around Australia?

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How much money do I need for 3 months around Australia? 


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Hey, how much money would I need to travel around Australia for 3 months?

I know the READ THIS FIRST thread has budget suggestions dating 2011.

Anyone have any up to date information? Per month estimate would be ideal. I’m on an average budget, not shoestring but not luxury either.

Thanks in advance,

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Too vague. Australia is a big place. “Travelling” is too broad a term. Prices vary from state to state.


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The general rule of thumb is that about £1500-1600 is a good budgeting amount for travelling around Australia, staying in hostel dorms, transportation and not spending a fortune on food or drink (with a little bit left over for excursions). If you wanted to be a bit more comfortable, maybe add another £500 or so to give you more activites and a slightly better lifestyle while travelling.

If you have an idea of the places to visit, you could always google the dates/hostels you want to stay in for prices, and the same with excursions etc. It really isn’t cheap so going to Oz and not doing any casual work to offset your costs can really make it cost a fortune.

Hope this helps in some form!

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i’m in the same boat, going in may and have no idea how much to save…i guess the more the better! smile

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Honestly, if you’re spending the £££ over there it rips you a new one.

As mentioned above, can’t really give you a set budget because you don’t know your specific plans or obviously how things may change whilst you’re out there…but it will be at least £350-400 a week.
£15 a night to sleep (minimum!!) so that’s already roughly £420 a month, JUST TO SLEEP!!
Then you gotta eat….food is pricey out there.
Of course, then you add on travel and activities you’re doing….it mounts up so quickly, it’s ridiculous.

I’d personally save £4500-5000 but I don’t know what your plans are.

A)- jot down all the ‘big thing’ you want to do (eg diving, ayers rock, whitsundays,etc) and you can easily look online at costs, and make a list (i love lists)

B)- as mentioned above, if you really want to be specific, then go on hostelworld and jot down bed prices for a rough idea, but it should average £17, maybe £20 a night.

C)Look at travel options, and note the costs so you can compare etc.

That should give you a basis for most, then food etc you can’t predict so the more money the better guys!!!


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Nikki has made a really good point there, when it comes to budgeting for Australia remember that it is a 1st World country so costs for literally everything can be worked out in advance by doing a smidge of research online.
You can even Google Australian supermarkets and work out how much it would cost to eat pasta or rice for a month. For example Coles are currently doing an offer on tomatoes - $1.80 per kilo.
That being said, there may be deals to be struck and special offers available once you arrive but by getting stuck into some research you can get to grips with exactly what to expect.


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Oz was expensive when I was there backpacking in 2006, and it was $2.4/£1 back then. With the rates now, it’s bend over time.

The information on the thread from 2011 is still fairly current. There’s a recession on and not much has changed in the past 12/18 months.

As people have said, it all depends what you’re planning on doing. People who go over on WHVs tend to do better at the moment as they’re earning in $, so it balances things out a bit.