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I am looking for ONE person - preferably male due to being in a caravan for 15 days,- who wants to see and experience outback Australia and does not mind travelling with a mature aged, open minded traveller
My plans are to depart Melbourne on the 8th May and I have 15 days to get to Darwin.  I will be towing a caravan which is roomy and comfortable and has a bench bed available for use.  The petrol is paid while we are on the highway and should my passenger wish a detour- to Ayres Rock Kings Canyon etc, then I would be looking at him paying the fuel costs for that.  The car is a large Ford with plenty of room; it is regularly serviced and maintained.  I use the free camps at times and although the caravan has not got 12 volt back up it has sufficient rechargeable lights, the refrigerator runs well on gas and portable gas hotplates and a porta potti.
The route that I take is that I turn off the highway when I reach South Australia and travel through the Mallee and Riverland Regions.  Then I rejoin the highway 100ks south of a town called Port Augusta and from there it is straight up vial Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Devils Marbles, Tennant Creek, Daly Waters Pub, Mataranka, Katherine. 
I have done this trip many times over the years and I am fully aware of all the tourist attractions and sights along the way. Some things about me that you may need to know- I am a very open minded married middle aged man and my wife cannot get more than 5 weeks leave so I drive to Darwin and set up and she flies in after I arrive and we then holiday and travel home together.  I retired early on medical grounds and I have the time available to get to Darwin.  I have in the past taken backpackers and they have been from UK, Holland and Romania and all have had a trip that they enjoyed and refer to when we communicate.  Due to being in a caravan for 15 days I prefer to travel with a male so as there is no great hassle about privacy when changing or washing.  Nothing sinister but just something that suits me.
Please realise that I am getting a couple of other interested travellers contacting me and the offer is there for the taking by someone who can make the commitment and appears to be compatible with me and my plans. 
Obviously I will have a few questions of people as they will have of me before I make a decision.
Should you wish to know more or have any questions then please get back to me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , or if this trip is now of no interest to you then I wish you happy travels.