Kilimanjaro to Victoria falls

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Kilimanjaro to Victoria falls

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I’m just wondering how feasible this trip would be. I want to start by climbing Kilimanjaro, then heading south to swim in Devils pool at the top of Victoria falls. Taking an African safari too and possibly some cage diving with sharks.

Obviously it’s a lot of distance to cover and I really have no idea what transport is like in Africa, so have no idea whether it’s feasible to do in one trip.

I’ll have about 3 weeks to do the trip, and a budget of up to £3,000.

Anyone have any advice? Is it feasible? Is it safe to travel alone in that area?

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I’ve not been that far south but when I was in Uganda I met someone who had travelled by bus all the way up from Malawi with relatively few problems on the buses. They seem pretty easy to navigate, and other than possibly having to pay a few bribes at borders, and buses taking longer than they say they will, I wouldn’t have thought this journey by bus would be an issue.


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Why not take the train? Look here for loads of info on how to get there!

I’m pretty sure you can only swim in Devil’s Pool from September to December, when it’s the dry season so if this is a highlight of your trip you’ll need to plan accordingly.

The best times to trek Kili are also around this time of year so it works out quite well in that respect. 3 weeks will be tight but do-able for that trip from Tanzania to Zambia. You should account for at least 7 days trekking Kili (from Moshi to summit to Moshi) and I would recommend the Machame route.

If you have the funds, definitely do a safari in the Serengeti - it was by far the best safari I have ever done. 2-3 days is plenty.

Where are you thinking of shark cage diving? I’m pretty sure that’s only South Africa which would be a long way to go for one activity from Zambia.


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I would say that 3 weeks isn’t really doable, with a Kili ascent and visiting Vic Falls without flying.

With a bit more time, you could do a Kilimanjaro climb and a visit to the Serengeti from Arusha, Tanzania. Then head to Zanzibar for some relaxation before heading down through Malawi and Zambia to Vic Falls. If you wanted to head on down to South Africa to do shark cage diving you would need at least another 3 weeks and I would recommend taking a tour through Botswana and Namibia.

The route from Tanzania (or Kenya) down to Vic Falls is doable independently and very rewarding, but can be quite challenging at times. To travel through Botswana and Namibia can be difficult to access the best bits without an overland truck. If you google ‘overland Africa’ you’ll find plenty of information about overland tour companies to whet your appetite.

If 3 weeks is all you’ve got, then I reckon you’d be best off with a visit to Arusha for Kili and Serengeti and it probably wouldn’t be too expensive to get a return flight to Livingstone to see Vic Falls (perhaps even a quick trip to Zanzibar as well).

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Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I’ve got a fair bit more research to do.

I was planning on going Sept 2014, so it should fit in nicely with the devils pools and kili seasons. The cage diving was just a thought of something I’d like to do if possible but as I won’t have time to head to SA, I’ll take that off my list.

Interesting idea about getting a cheap flight down to see Victoria falls, will have to look into that. Are there any other important things i should do/see in that area?

Unfortunately I think 3 weeks is the most I’d be able to get off, so want to try and fit in as much as I can whilst I’m there.

Also could you recommend a good company to climb Kili with? I want to try and do it through charity if possible.

and any good safari tours you’d recommend?


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Did you ever do this? We are planning a Kili climb the end of August with a safari and also want to fly to Vic Falls for a couple of days before heading home. We have a 3 week window as well.