How long in Laos and Cambodia

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How long in Laos and Cambodia

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Hi everyone, I am thinking of going travelling next year, and was wondering peoples advice on Laos and Cambodia, my intended route is;

Phnom Penh, Sihankville, Kampot, Siem Reap/Angkor…Pakse, Luang Prabang and Vientienne.

I am currently planning to have 18 days in Cambodia and 13 In Laos, was wondering if anyone who has been thought this would be too much or too little?

Thanks in advance

James grin

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Hi James,

In terms of Camobida (never made it to Laos - rectifying that next year) I would say you want 5 days in Siem Reap, 3 days in Phnom Penh and then about 3 days in Shiounkville. Personnally I would blow of Kampot as it isn’t great. Have you looked at Battambang? Did a really good motorcycle day tour there which takes you to old temples, a bambboo train, caves, Khmer Rouge era stuff. While would only reccomend a couple of days was a nice place and I defintiley preferred to Kampot.


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I was really disappointed with Sihankoville.  People had raved on about it to me but I personally felt it was an awful place and I wasted my days there.

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I’ve been to both a few months ago.

Cambodia, I reckon two weeks would be enough depending how long you want at the beach. Siem Reap was very cool, I reckon 4-5 nights here. Sihanoukville, we stayed at Otres beach and it was lush, much nicer than serendipity beach, alot quieter but if you wanna party is only a short tuktuk rode away. 4 nights here.

We enjoyed Kampot, the place itself isn’t amazing but our hostel was very cool, by the river and we did a couple of day trips on a scooter which were worthwhile. Didn’t think much of Phnom Penh as a destination, obviously the killing fields and S21 are both worthwhile and interesting, we had two nights here but could easily have done just one.

Laos, is there any reason you’re not going to Vang Vieng?, loved that place even though tubing isn’t as mental as it used to be. Luang Prabang is lovely, try and spend some time here and definitely visit the beautiful waterfall (Kungsi out something like that). I personally wouldn’t even bother with Vientiane unless you have a specific reason to go there, quite possibly the most disappointing place we’ve been over the last 6 months! Not sure about Pakse, but try and get down to 4000 islands.

In summary I’d do just under two weeks in Cambodia, and the rest of your time in Laos. Of course this is just my opinion! smile

If you need any more info or recommendations let me know!


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I loved Laos and would definitely recommend spending more time there if possible.

Si Pan Don (4000 Islands) is a really beautiful and chilled out spot. I also really enjoyed the Bolaven plateau and would recommend here. Pakse was just a stop off. Savanaket hasn’t got a lot going on, but they know how to throw a New Years party.

I really liked Vientiane, (probably) the calmest more tranquil capital city on earth. Vang Vieng is great and has long been a backpackers hangout but it does sound like it’s been spoilt. Definitely agree Luang Prabang is beautiful.

Phonsavan is a random town and well worth a visit to see the Plain of Jars and bomb shell villages and bomb scarred landscape (courtesy of the US of A). If you fancy an adventure t’s also good to head out into the sticks and see Vieng Xai caves.

My favourite place was Muang Noi Nua, which in 2004 has no mains power (there was a generator on for some of the day) and was just so chilled out I didn’t want to leave. Perhaps someone can tell me what it’s like these days? Isn’t there some tree house zip wire something or other up in the north jungle too that people rave about?

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Cambodia is a place I could spend a lot of time. It has a nice vibe to it and the cost of living is low. I spent time in the usual spots Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang ,Sihanoukville and Sisophon (I really enjoyed it here pretty off the beaten track, not so many tourists and friendly locals, was good for a couple of days) But if you have time constraints 10-14 days maybe enough depending on beach time

Laos is okay but I prefer Cambodia, more variation in things to do and looking back Cambodia was a great place

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RedStar - 11 December 2013 09:04 PM

I was really disappointed with Sihankoville.  People had raved on about it to me but I personally felt it was an awful place and I wasted my days there.

I felt the same. It was nice to get to the beach after a long time not seeing one, but I didn’t like the main town by Serendipity Beach, and the bars there were all one of the same, with not many people there apart from the backpackers who ‘work’ there…Otres Beach was much nicer beach-wise, not so much nightlife but if I went again I would definitely stay there.

Loved Siem Reap, because I was there for Xmas, New Years and was with a great bunch of people.

Phnom Penh…I liked the hustle and bustle to start with, but then I started to dislike it, it’s dirty and seedy in some areas. Probably only worth a day or two for Killing Fields etc.

I found Cambodia very cheap ($0.50 beers), cheaper than Laos for sure

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1…Skip Vietienne…Go to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang and 4000 islands if you can. I think i was in Laos for 2 weeks and it was perfect for me.

Cambodia….as long as you can smile A lot of my friends were in Cambodia for 3/4 weeks.

In Sihanoukville…stay there 2 nights maximum…it’s pretty gross…go to Otres beach which is about 10 minutes in a tuktuk and will cost about 4 3/4 dollars and it’s a lovely chilled out area on the beach.

From Sihanoukville, take the speed boat to Koh Rong and stay there for 3/4 nights…I stayed for 3 months wink I loved it. It’s my Island smile YOU HAVE TO GO! seriously. It’s stunning, the locals are lovely and I had the best time there. I cried lots leaving the Island.

Also…do go to Kampot…it’s really come on in the past year and I have many friends who have ended up staying there for a long time. My mates brother runs a hostel there so if you need any advice on where to stay, let me know.