First Time Traveling!

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First Time Traveling!

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I am off traveling for the first time on my own in March and my first stop is Budapest.

Does anyone have any advice on safety, what to do/see and where to stop?

I have heard some bad stories from various places in Eastern Europe so any advice would be much appreciated!

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I went to Budapest on a work “away day” - it was fantastic! Lovely city, I keep meaning to go back. It never felt unsafe and no one had any problems despite the fact we had some pretty idiotic people with us.

Generally, if you have a bit of common sense about you, you’ll be fine. Don’t wander round late at night steaming drunk with all your valuables on display - that sort of thing!

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I really liked Budapest - never felt worried at any time (and had a couple of messy evenings!). National Gallery is well worth a look and jsut having a wwalk around near the river and the various churches, buildings etc around there can easily fill a day.

Check out Grandio Party Hostel when you are there - they have a bar inside a circus tent in the courtyeard and was my first exposure to a Jager-Train!

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I haven’t personally been to Budapest, but in my experience the people who claim that various places are dangerous and to be avoided are almost always people who haven’t actually been to said places.

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Thanks for all your help guys grin

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I went to the Szechenyi Baths and Pool in Budapest and it was great fun. Good value too although I can’t remember how much exactly. I was there all day though and there were loads of different things to do. It’s also set in some really nice gardens, so even if you do finish early you can just chill out in them for the rest of the day.

Really liked Budapest and would definitely like to go back for more of a look around.