Camp America - yey or ney?

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Camp America - yey or ney?

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Sorry for such a generic post, but I’m thinking of applying to Camp America and would love to get talking with people who have taken part before. Sometimes you need some direct contact, you know?

Specifically, I would ask:

1. Do the long hours and intensity get in the way of enjoyment?

2. What’s the standard/sizing of food like? Healthy eating out the window, I guess?

3. Meals are provided, but how about snacks e.g. fruit, nuts?

4. Is there usually Wifi access on site?

5. Is the work fairly hands-on i.e. getting involved in the activities yourself?

6. Average temperatures?

7. Average length of stay?

Appreciate any feedback, guys. Tobes grin

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Hey Tobias,

I absolutely loved camp but it was definitely hard work, and wasn’t healthy at all. Hope these answers help…

1. The hours are REALLY long. But they’re brilliant. It’s not like work work, it’s hanging out with kids and having fun.
2. Food was really bad - burgers, pizza, ice cream, chicken wings all kinds of colourful crap that the kids loved.
3. The snacks for us were provided, but generally consisted of the above. Fruit and nuts no way. But you could buy your own on days off.
4. Depends on the camp but I definitely wouldn’t count on it. Camps are in the wilderness, that’s what’s so awesome.
5. My camp they were - you got to try everything. The more hands on counselors were the best ones.
6. Hawt. Rains storms were amazing though.
7. I stayed 12 weeks, most people do 9 though.

You should check out there’s loads of information on there. gulp

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I absoutlely loved camp and am returning back this summer. I would 100% recommend it, it was an incredible experience, and hard to describe to people who haven’t done it!

1. Generally speaking.. no. Of course there are the long days where you just want to do nothing. But overall the days may feel long, but the weeks go by quickly and then it’ll be over!

2. Food for my camp was buffet style, so you could help yourself to as much or as little as you like. There was a lot of chicken, pasta, pizza that kind of thing. It’s mainly a lot of unhealthy stuff, the things that appeal to kids. But because ours was buffet style there were different options and you could choose to make a healthier lunch/dinner.

3. Snacks.. our snacks were ice creams and ice lollies and then milk & cookies before bed. They did always provide fruit when we had snacks though as an alternative. No nuts though as we are a nut free camp, so no nuts allowed anywhere on site.

4. We had wifi in the staff lounge, it was very very slow! As there are normally another 50 other people trying to get on the slow cheap wifi at the same time.

5. It depends on your role at camp, as an activity counselor you’d be leading the activities and probably wouldn’t see much if any of the other activities. I was a cabin counselor though so went round with my bunk everyday doing all the activities they did.

6. Hot hot hot. Then bad rain storms. No air con and outside all day every day means you just get on with it. We swam twice a day with the kids so that would help to cool down. Plus some of the activities are inside/in the shade out of the sun smile If it got crazy hot then we would have whole camp swim, everyone in the water to cool down!!

7. I stayed 8 weeks, 7 weeks the children were there and 1 week at the start for orientation.

Any more questions, just ask! smile

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I know this is an old thread but I came across it while browsing and thought I would add my opinion, hopefully that’s not a problem! smile

I did this more than a few years ago and loved the experience so much, it also was a great opportunity to see America, without the camp who knows if I would have visited there yet.

1. It too worked VERY LONG hours but it was great fun and the kids were so nice, so it made up for it.
2. Again, as others have said, the food was terrible and I put on a bit of weight. My mother soon made sure I got rid of it though raspberry
3. I seem to remember that I had access to quite a lot of fruit. There was also other more unhealthy snacks.
4. There was no wifi, but I soon forgot about that though as I was having such a great time and living life. Why would wifi be an issue?
5. Yep, I was given the opportunity to try everything
6. Hot to say the least!! cool smile
7. I stayed for 3 months and would love to do it again!!

If anyone has any more questions then I am happy to answer them. I’d recommend experiencing an American summer camp to everyone, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forgot. I did mine through these guys