SE Asia 90 days route: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and, Indonesia or Burma?

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SE Asia 90 days route: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and, Indonesia or Burma?


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Hi guys,

Cool forum, I have learnt a lot from it.

Nevertheless, I’m a little bit lost yet about planning my route through SE Asia. Furthermore, not pretty sure if this is the proper subforum to post this thread. Anyway, I’d like to ask for some understanding hehehe

I am planning a 3-months gap from september 2015 til december 2015.

-Do you think is a good timing for going to the SE?

My initial plan is:
-Flying to Bangkok, going to the north, then switch to Laos, visit the whole country, take a plane to North of Vietnam, visting it, then going to the south to reach Cambodia, spend few days there and going back to Thailand but this time to the south.

A previous planning might be: 30 days in Thailand (divided in 2 times), 12-14 Laos, 7 Cambodia, 10-12 Vietnam.

What to do with the other days? Do you think is enough time to visit Indonesia? Or should I spend more time in the previous countries and visiting Burma instead of Indonesia?

Also, it is my first backpacking travel and I’m aware that I will improvise on the fly (have I said it correctly?).

What I am willing to do?
Well, 90 days is a long trip. I’d like to spend both:
-Nice days visiting the beauties of the countries such as monuments and temples.
-But also some party and adventure: I wanna get at least the Open Water Diving. For “partying” I have though, obviously, the Full Moon Party in Thailand, Vieng Vang and the 4.000 islands in Laos, Bali and Gili in Indonesia but what else can you recommend me? Specially in Thailand. Also some adventures I have on mind such as Sulawesi, Nusa Tengar, Komodo and Flower Islands where I can do many cool things.

Here is where I most need your help: I wanna avoid overlapping. For instance, it might be stupid to go to Cambodia’s beach when I’m going to spend 20 days in Indonesia and Thailand at the beach. So all advices are strongly accepted and thanked.

Is it better to take diving lessons in Indonesia instead of Thailand and spend these days in Thailand in another place instead of diving (again)? I might try surfing in Bali.

As you have already noticed, I have some general idea but an important lack of details. I have read a lot in internet but I need some first hand experiences.

Thanks in advance and who knows maybe we meet over there.

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Hi and welcome,

90 days is a good length for SE Asia. You can really get a feel for the place. As for how you divide it up, you may want to consider a few extra days in Vietnam - there are some big distances to cover there.

If you are happy to fly part of the route have you considered visiting Cambodia from Southern Laos, then crossing into Southern Vietnam working up to the north and flying from Hanoi back to Bangkok?

Also, consider the weather. I think it may be wet season a that time of year. I certainly got rained on a lot when I was in Vietnam in November.

I don’t know much about Indonesia or Burma so can’t really help you there but I woud consider what you want to do more of. Burma has the amazing looking Bagan if you want temples whilst I’m sure Indonesia would be better for beaches.

Have you considered Malaysia or Singapore - easy to get to from Southern Thailand?



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Thank you very much hdsimmons.

I haven’t considered it but it sounds good, so I’m going to take it into account.

I know I could spent a whole month just in Vietnam but I have to do many other things so for my first backpacking travel to SE Asia I think north of Vietnam is fine. However, I’d try to fit more days in Vietnam.

I’ve just read that Indonesia is so much expensive than the other countries such as Laos, Cambodia or Thailand. So I might be forced to avoid it. I guess I will decide when I’m there based on the money I have left. The problem is that I’m really looking forward to dive and do snorkeling in Indonesia coast, I’ve seen so many cool pics…

Though Malasyia and Singapore, together with Philippines are another good destination for my trip, I’m thinking to put it off for another trip.

I still have plenty of time to decide what to do so I’d be very grateful if someone helps me.