How worried are you about Malaria on a scale of 1-10?

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How worried are you about Malaria on a scale of 1-10?

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I haven’t been taking any tablets, mainly because the nurse said I wouldn’t need them for my trip not because I’m some sort of renegade, and now I find myself cowering under a mosquito net.

I wasn’t planning on coming to Guatemala before, and definitely not hanging out in a bungalow on the Rio Dulce. As soon as I saw the net in my room it was an Oh Fuck moment. Since then I’m totally paranoid the little fuckers are gonna get me. My skin has itched since I’ve arrived, but it’s just paranoia right? I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I just want to get out of Guatemala, but yeah, I was just wondering how bothered you seasoned travellers were about protecting against malaria?

Do you get drugged up or be on the look out for cure rather than prevention?

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Erm, I’d definitely say get drugged up! I’ve never actually taken malaria medication, I’ve heard it can be pretty trippy, but I’d definitely say that prevention is better than cure you crazy woman! And yeah, you should hide under that mosquito net. SAFETY FIRST! gulp


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I personally take medication, better to be safe than sorry but ask carefully about what you are taking first. Some malaria meds have some really weird side effects (not being able to go in the sun being one of them)