Peru’s Kuelap site opening for travel

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Peru’s Kuelap site opening for travel

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Loving today’s story…

...and totally inspired to go when Kuelap opens to the public!

#historygeek x


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History geek here too! Yep, this is the kind of thing I’ll bring up in the pub with considerable enthusiasm, only to draw blank stares all round.


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I haven’t even been to the first Machu Picchu yet!

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I’ve seen a bunch of cool documentaries about Machu Picchu, which really make me want to go, but so far I haven’t ticked it off the list either.

And yeah, now I want to do both as well! grin

On the documentary side of things, there was a PBS Nova one called Ghosts of Machu Picchu which was particularly good. It goes into detail about the drainage system underlying Machu Picchu — which I realise sounds unbelievably dull, but it’s an amazingly complex piece of engineering, which is actually really interesting, to a history nerd anyway…

The whole thing is on YouTube if anyone is interested:

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This looks awesome! Id never really thought of going to Peru before but now I really want to! What else is there apart from this and Machu Pichu?