An Exciting New Start-Up For Gap Year Travellers!

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An Exciting New Start-Up For Gap Year Travellers!


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Gap year students are known to be the travellers who have the greatest appreciation for culture and often immerse themselves in several cultures. It is known that one way to really get a taste for a culture is to try their authentic dishes (pun intended), and sometimes restaurants don’t cut it.
The soon-to-be-launched start-up ‘NomNav’ solves this issue! It connects gap year students to cooks in their local region, these cooks prepare the real deal unlike restaurants. It also provides food excursions where the gap yah student is involved in the meal from sourcing to eating. In addition to this it will create the opportunity to connect with other gap-year students in your region and go through the NomNav experience with them.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as NomNav offers so much more to really enhance and create authentic, engaging and unforgettable experiences on your gap year.
Follow on my newly created social media pages, instagram and facebook (NomNav) Twitter (Nom_Nav).
The website and app will soon be launched!
I would love to know about your good and bad food experiences abroad! Please comment below.