Watching "The Interview" with a North Korean Defector — Awkward!

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Watching “The Interview” with a North Korean Defector — Awkward!

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On watching The Interview...

Just read this brilliant account of how Lucy Edwards watched The Interview with North Korean defector Joo-il Kim:

I watched The Interview with a North Korean defector

The piece is fascinating, but it sounds like the longest and most awkward 112 minutes of her life!

Joo-il, Seonju and I proceed to sit through all 112 minutes of The Interview in awkward silence. As the only Westerner in the room, I am painfully aware of the lazy Asian jokes, stereotypes and cardboard North Korean characters. Constant crude sex jokes, combined with the high-ranking female Korean official’s inexplicable horniness for Seth Rogen made for a distinct “watching Masters of Sex with your grandparents” vibe.

Joo-il Kim

Joo-il is a really interesting character too!

Will met up with him for a interview last year, in which he discussed Korean politics, his own escape from the regime, his integration into the UK, and the Free NK newspaper he established.

Well worth a read as well:

From North Korean Army Captain to Human Rights Campaigner

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This literally sounds like the most awkward experience ever!

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Oh my god that must have been so, so awkward. I thought that film was really funny – more than I thought it would be, but yeah, would HATE to watch it with someone from North Korea. Oh my god, must’ve been so awkward. I would’ve had to leave. It’s definitely ridiculous and racist. Going to have to read that article now…