How do you guys afford to travel?

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How do you guys afford to travel?

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Straight out of university and not actually qualified to do anything specific. That’s me.

I was just wondering how you guys managed to afford all your travels as I’m back in England and I need to start saving up again.

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Well the last time I was away I was a student, 4 years ago gulp

But Ive managed to stay employed for the last 7 years, with a very understanding company that let me quit and come back several times so I could go on jaunts. Leaving this job permanently at the end of June for a nice long trip with no time limit.

I have always been a saver and having religiously saved and invested a fairly large chunk of my income for a rainy day. Its now paying off in that Ive got a good passive income. When I leave ill only be taking 5-10k and earning just over a 1k a month while on the road.

Long term strategy downer

Probably not what you want to hear

Have you got a job yet? How long have you been back?

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We published an article about saving up for a gap year just the other week!

Saving up for a gap year takes a lot of patience, and you might have to put up working some pretty crappy jobs. But if you have travelling as a goal at the end of it you’ll get through, and you’ll be less tempted to spend your money on other things you don’t need.

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My younger brother is away in May…im going to forward him that guide. In the last few months since he has started ‘saving’ he’s upgraded his return flight to business class and bought a new macbook rolleyes i don’t think he has a strategy going yet.

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Return flight to Business class? Wow. He must have some cash. Think of all the places he could see with that kind of money!

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I worked so hard for a year to be able to finance coming to Australia. I worked three jobs – a bar, data entry and an Avon lady – to be able to save up what was needed. It’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done though, I absolutely love it out here raspberry

Whatever sacrifice you have to make to be able to go travelling, I say do it. You’ll never regret travelling but I can guarantee you’ll regret not!

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I saved like every penny I could get my hands on and never spent any for a few months. This helped me to get enough to get started on travel and once you’re up and got your flight it all gets a lot cheaper.

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Saving up is like a unavoidable path.
Nobody tell you when they’re saving up, they only tell you when they’re traveling