Explaining career gaps

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Explaining career gaps

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I’ve just returned from living in Australia, and done two round the world trips, and I know I’ve absolutely loved travelling, but now I’m back applying for jobs I’m being asked to explain my career gaps.
What are the benefits of having been travelling? The new skills and qualities that people gain?
So far I have open mindedness, adaptability, independent, resourceful.

Hopefully this can help many others in the same position too

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Planning. Budgeting. Flexibility. The ability to make the best out of your situation no matter what. An increase in confidence.

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I’d point out everything that you’ve learned over all the people who don’t take gap years or don’t travel. Travelling is without a doubt one of the best educations you can get – if I was an employer I’d take someone on who’d travelled over someone who hadn’t without a doubt. Surely employers are starting to realise how much better travellers are than non travellers in this day and age?!

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Anyone who sees time spent travelling as a problem is a douchebag and you shouldn’t work for them anyway. In my opinion. smile