2 month USA roadtrip; advice please!

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2 month USA roadtrip; advice please!

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Hey, myself and my boyfriend are planning a (roughly) 2 month roadtrip across America/ Canada next June/July.  I have an itinerary and an idea of prices but I was wondering if anyone who has done something similar or been to any of the places I’m planning could give me some feedback?  I’d really appreciate it!


New Orleans (3 nights) £225
Houston (1 night) £60
Austin (3 nights) £60- staying with friends so no hotel cost
Fort Worth (2/3 nights)- £80
Amarillo (1 night) £15
Albuquerque (1 night) £30
Flagstaff (2 nights) £75
Grand Canyon National Park (3 nights) £300
Las Vegas (5 nights) £1000 (splashing out and staying in a great hotel, going to clubs etc.)
LA (7 nights) £1000 (air bnb, doing lots of activities, mainly cooking ourselves)
Tijuana (2 nights) £200
LA (1 night) £40
Yosemite National Park (2 nights) £75
San Francisco (4 nights) £300
Eureka (1 night) £30
Yachats (1 night) £30
Portland (2 nights) £75
Seattle (3 nights) £250
Vancouver (3 nights) £250
Kelowna (1 night) £30
Banff National Park (3 nights) £180
Jasper National Park (4 nights) £200
Vancouver (1 night) £30
Seattle and fly home from there!! £30

So spending inc. accommodation would be about £4565
Flights about £750
Car hire £2500 (I want a convertible! I know, I know…wink
Petrol £750

So total budget £8565

Do people think this is realistic?? Unless I’ve stated, we’ll be staying in a hostel/ motel and there’s 2 of us splitting costs so the above is per person.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

And if anyone has any advice or info about any individual place, I’d really appreciate that too!

Thanks x

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Ah man, I’m getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic thinking about my road trip across the state.

I reckon your budget is pretty solid. I spent a little bit more than that for a six month trip around the world, so I reckon you’ll be alright.

The only thing I’d say is that in terms of the actual car, car hire in the States is stupidly expensive, particularly if you want to do it one way (they add on a one way fee). It depends on how old you guys are though. We were all under 25, which made a massive difference to the insurance and hire cost. In the end we bought a car, rather than hire, because it worked out to be cheaper!

Also, American cars are notoriously unreliable (or so we were told) so we avoided them, but I’m totally with you on wanting to do it in a convertible. Similarly, they’re notorious gas guzzlers and you’re going to be covering some serious mileage. Just bear that in mind.

Otherwise, just have an amazing time! I’m so jealous, your route looks much better than ours and we had an amazing time!

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Wow, that sounds crazy expensive!

I’ve been looking at tripping round the USA next year and my estimates haven’t come anywhere near that. Have you checked out airbnb or maybe even camping in some places?


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You have a nice trip plan, i had it similar it took 3 month from Seattle till San Diego all west part of US.

First of all you must see Disneyland in LA, i have never ever enjoyed any places like this before grin Mt. Rainer National Park is nice place as well.

The budget is normal but if you wanna shopping we will need more money excaim

Have a nice trip wink

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Thanks for the feedback! Both of is will be over 25 when we go so luckily that’ll keep our car hire down a bit!

And Cara, my budget includes staying in places via air BnB in a few different places as well as hostels and cheap hotels/ motels! The only place we’re splashing out on accommodation is Vegas.  I’m a huge over planner so I have the costs of various places to stay, must-do’s, drink and food prices all researched and compared and I’ve really struggled to find a cheaper way of doing things! I am budgeting big for Vegas though so if you skip that and don’t hire a convertible it will be cheaper

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If you’ve got the money, and you’re willing to spend it, go all out!

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I’d up your rental car and gas (Petrol) budget—especially during the summer!

the Grand Canyon is only about an hour north of Flagstaff (in Arizona)—must see! I live in Arizona, so let me know when you pass through!


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For sure it is expensive but this is how it is if you want to so a lot of different places and it is totally worth it!
I’m living in the South of Florida right now in http://sabbiabeachcondos.com/ and I love it here! You should come and see Florida, go the Everglades and Key West and maybe head over to the Bahamas, there is a ferry and this is amazing!!
I know everybody wants to be in LA but I would skip this wink
Highway 1 is amazing and also I like Arizona a lot! I really liked Ajo.
There are also lot’s of websites and apps where you can find spots where you can camp for free! Check out http://www.freecampgrounds.com/!! This works really good for example for Arizona, California is very difficult but you should consider this if you want to save some money wink
Have a great road trip! You’ll love it!