Looking for partner to travel South America 2016

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Looking for partner to travel South America 2016

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I am a 24 year old female (I’ll be 25 for this trip) and I’m looking for a travel buddy.

Travel Dates: ~3 Months - End Of September 2016, back in time for Christmas (thinking about flying Christmas day as it’s cheap)

Countries: Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina

My main interest is checking out all the national parks in these four countries. Some big points of interests:
- El Cajas National Park
- Cotopaxi
- Galapagos Islands
- The Quilotoa Loop
- Machu Picchu/Inca Trail
- Huacachina
- Iquitos
- Atacama Desert
- Elqui Valley
- Patagonia
- Iguazu Falls
- Salinas Grandes
- Los Glaciares National Park

I want to be budget friendly on this trip, but I also don’t want to count pennies. I want to have times where we splurge and other times where we rough it. I’m mostly looking to do active things (hiking, biking, etc). I’m not big into museums but I don’t mind checking out a couple.

I’d like to find a companion sooner rather than later so we can start getting to know each other and building that friendship and trust. smile

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Wow! Your trip sounds perfect and EXACTLY like what I am wanting to do! However, I am looking to go starting in June and being back before I have to leave for college. I wish our dates lined up! :(

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Hi there!
I’m looking for a travel buddy as well and your trip plans are very similar to mine! However, I’m planning a 7 month backpacking trip starting in mid August and my plan is to go to Columbia for 5-6 weeks till end of september, Ecuador for all of October, I have a galapagos trip booked Oct 31-Nov 11, then head to Bolivia for a few weeks, salta and mendoza in argentina, atacama desert in Chile, then head down to Patagonia and eventually work my way up to Buenos Aires. Are you planning on going to Ecuador first in October? The Quilotoa Loop and Cotopaxi volcano are on the top of my list of things I want to do in Ecuador.


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just happen to check your post.
i just arrived in Chile couple of weeks back.
and looking for partner to explore chile and neighboring countries.
im totally free whole october.

keep me posted.


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I’m planning to head to Chile in December and would love to join you on any of the hikes and treks. They are on the top of my list!