Backpacking, work, travel, Australia Dec 2016-2017

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Backpacking, work, travel, Australia Dec 2016-2017


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Hey! I am looking at traveling solo to Australia to back pack and work out there. Would love to visit Thailand too maybe before heading to Australia. I am 23 from Scotland and would really appreciate someone in the same boat as myself to plan the trip with and share the experience with.  Thanks! X grin

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Hey Natalie. I’m still not 100% on where I want to travel but both Australia, and Thailand peak my interests. I will be starting my trip around the same time as you. If You’d like to discuss plans send me a message smile

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Hi Natalie

I will be in thailand for xmas and new year, then heading to oz, but will only be in melbourne for 4-5 days, then brisbane to see family and maybe whitsunday islands before i head to nz


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Hey, Im looking to be in Australia 1st or 2nd Week of December, am also travelling solo. Would be good to get to know a few people before i arrive.




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Hi guys!

Noticed this thread, and everyone happens to be travelling at the same time as me and my best friend Becky!
We’re heading off to Griffith Australia for 4 months end of December 2016 to do some work and gather our money to travel, then off on our travels around Australia and Thailand towards then end of our year trip. Heads up for any of you wanting to work, Griffith is GREAT for back packer work and very well paid! I know this as I have previously worked in Australia for 6 months back in 2015. We’re open for ideas and obviously meeting new people that we can hopefully share our experience with!

Would be great to meet up.

Catherine smile x