Looking for travel friend for Thailand in March /april

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Looking for travel friend for Thailand in March /april

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Hello, I’m looking at going to Thailand for a month around March or April this year and looking for some people to travel with or meet up with along the way.
I’m 26 and a nurse in London at the moment. Not booked any flights yet so still open to ideas

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Hey Fiona, I’m also looking for roughly the same thing, so we might be able to work something out.

I will be looking to fly out to Thailand around mid-March for around a month of travelling, after which I plan on heading on to Vietnam to teach English.

I also haven’t booked flights, I would generally be looking to travel westwards but very open, so let me know if you want to meet up, as having a travel buddy is always good!

I’m 25, also back in the UK now.

Cheers, Dan


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hey Fiona! I too am looking for a travel mate to go around Thailand. I’m 24 and I’m a nurse too(hi-five!) anyways let me know on when you decide to leave and I might just join you. hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi Fiona ,

Just wondering if you’ve made up your mind about when you’ll be going . I will be traveling alone to Thailand this month ( it’s probably too
Late now) , however let me know if you’re still up for others joining. grin

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Hi! I’m nam
I live in Thailand,
I want to have foreign friends.
we can be friend.

my email   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
my id line   nichapha1991

I hope we can be friends really.

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hi everyone im heading to Thailand on 24th march. im there fore around to 2 weeks. then travelling around for a few weeks and heading for bali for a week and then i will be back to Thailand for abit. may head over to vietnam aswell ☺ of anyones gonna be around. get intouch