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Backpacker Accommodation

There are a few places in the world where a particular hostel is so popular and so notorious that you just have to stay there if you’re in the area. To give you some idea of where they are, take a look at this list of our most popular hostels and then hop over to our Enquire section to tell our StudentUniverse consultants which one(s) you want to stay in, and they’ll sort it out for you! 

Or, if you're not sure what to look for when it comes to booking your gap year accommodation, check out our Top Tips section to learn all you could need to know about hostels. That'll set you straight.

Accommodation in Thailand

Accommodation in Thailand

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Accommodation in Australia

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Accommodation in France

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Accommodation in India

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Top Tips

When it comes to booking your accommodation for your gap year there are a few things you should look out for. The StudentUniverse team are well experienced in hostels around the world so here’s our accommodation checklist for you to consult before you book.


How close is your potential hostel to the main area of where you want to be. If you’re there for a while and want to save money it could make sense to be a bit further out, but if you only have a few days you’ll definitely want to be as close to the action as possible.

Dorm beds

You can save money by staying in larger rooms with more beds. Is this important to you or would you rather have a better night’s sleep? Up to you. If you’re travelling with groups of friends it could make sense to get a larger private between you all.


Is it really that important to book a better gap year accommodation or could you just make do with a cheaper one for a few nights to save some cash? Do you really need to book the one with the pool table and the swimming pool or would you rather be out and about exploring?


How much are you willing to pay? What could you sacrifice to get that price? The cheaper you can go the longer you can travel for.


When you're doing your research take a look at what the hostels offer for free. If you get a free breakfast, free Wi-Fi and a free drink on arrival you could end up saving quite a bit. 

You can find more on booking your hostel in our first timer's guide to hostels and this first hand account of trying a hostel for the first time.


Once you’ve taken all these factors into account you’ll be ready to book your backpacker accommodation – just give our experts at StudentUniverse a call on 0333 333 9923 and they’ll do it for you.  


Accommodation Advice

If you've never stayed in a hostel before, or are someone who feels more at home in a 20 person, bunk bed dorm than at home, accommodation around the world is always different and can be a bit tricky to navigate.

There's plenty to learn and even some funny stuff you'd never have thought of before, so we put together this collection of articles from our writers and fellow travellers on all sorts of things that come hand in hand with accommodation when travelling.

Beginners guides to hostels

Read gapper Helen's account of her first time in a hostel, so you have got some idea of what you're getting yourselves into and what you can expect:

And for a more general guide to starting out travelling and staying in hostels,read our first timer's guide to a hostel.

Other accommodation options

If you're used to staying in hostels, or just generally looking for some more places that you can sleep one of our intrepid gappers, Ben Allen, has put together this list of 13 completely random places he's slept. Maybe you'll find some inspiration for some unusual places you could try out on your travels!

Hostel etiquette

Finally, a humorous note on hostel dorm room etiquette. Otherwise known as a guide to sleeping with 12 strangers (not in that way...). From advice on timings, to not being that guy and the perils of an flat phone battery. You've been warned!

What to do next

If you are looking to get out on the road and get travelling, check out all StudentUniverse's accommodation options and start booking your hostels.

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Booking Your Gap Year Accommodation

Want to book a hostel or hotel for your gap year? Then you're in the right place!

From hostels on the Khao San Road, to backpacker hostels in Sydney, to beach huts in Fiji and even hotels in the back streets of Paris, you're going to want to stay in a ton of different places on your gap year. So, here is a selection of places to get you started and to make sure that wherever you want to stay and whatever kind of accommodation, StudentUniverse have something for you.

Just fill in the form below, let the guys at StudentUniverse know what and where you're looking to stay and they'll get something sorted for you!

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