Hostels in France

Hostels in Paris, Nice and more...

The French seem to have it sorted. They’ve managed to figure out a way to have a diet rich in bread, cheese and wine and still live to a ripe old age. It’s a bit of a mystery how, but if it sounds like the life for you, you could do worse than stopping by France on your gap year.

Not only is the lifestyle pretty sweet, getting around is unbelievably easy. Trains are cheap, efficient and oh-so quick, the French roads are perfect for cycling – it is the home of the Tour de France after all and you can also fly into a number of the big cities from more or less anywhere in the world. Then there’s the matter of the Eurostar as well, which is a train in a league of its own.

In terms of things to do in France, aside from the amazing cuisine, there’s incredible surfing on the Bay of Biscay, sailing on the Mediterranean, the largest ski areas in the world and the small matter of Paris. Most romantic city ever? Probably. To say nothing of its art, history, cafes and shopping. If you’re after a bit of continental relaxation on your gap year, France has it covered.