New Zealand Hostels

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We’ll let you in on a secret – New Zealand is the coolest country on Earth. No, seriously. Where else would invent bungee jumping, black water rafting, zorbing and the Hakka?! If you’re not already sold, we’re here to change that and make sure New Zealand features highly on your gap year list.


New Zealand is home to just over four million people, a quarter of which live in Auckland, so there’s plenty of space to explore. There are National Parks, mountain ranges, islands, glaciers and sheep everywhere. Twenty sheep per person! It’s perfect to be explored by campervan or a big old bus. The National Parks and mountains that is, not the sheep. That would be weird.


As well as all the ridiculous extreme sports they’ve invented themselves, you can also ski, snowboard and skydive on both North and South Island. Then there’s Queenstown, which is a serious contender for the coolest city in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s more nightlife in this one little town than quite a few good sized cities, to say nothing of some amazing food and wine. It’s a pretty good representation of New Zealand all round really.