USA Hostels

Hostels in New York, San Francisco and more...

There really is nowhere like America. If you’re on your first gap year it’s the ideal place to begin as it’s easy to explore and has an incredible variety of places to see. If it’s not your first time travelling or you’re feeling a little more adventurous it’s still got loads to offer!


Travelling around America, whether you’re hitting Route 66 in a convertible or just wandering the streets of New York is easy and can be pretty good value. The size of the place means that you could spend your entire gap year in USA exploring and still only scratch the surface. From the hottest place on Earth, Death Valley, to one of the coldest, Alaska, there’s something for everyone.


The cities are some of the greatest you’ll find around. New York is the city that never sleeps and deserves the name. Then there’s New Orleans and its famous Mardi Gras - there isn’t a bigger party going on! And that’s without even mentioning the West Coast - L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas. Go celeb spotting, check out the Golden Gate Bridge and gamble away the night. Land of the free, home of the brave and one big party all round!