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Travel and Work in Australia!
Includes flights, tours and working holiday visa
Tour Incredible South East Asia!
Includes Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam
Travel and Work in New Zealand!
Includes flights, tours and working holiday visa
Experience South America!
Includes Argentina, Peru and Brazil
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The Very Best of StudentUniverse's Complete Gap Years

A complete gap year is a bundle of essential travel products packaged together into one epic backpacking experience. They have been created by StudentUniverse, the student travel experts, and are designed to minimise the stress and maximise the fun of travelling!

Travel and Work in Australia

Travel & Work in Australia from £1,242

Tour the Highlights of South East Asia

Highlights of South East Asia from £3,259

Travel and Work in New Zealand

Travel & Work in New Zealand from £1,399

Experience the Best of South America

The Best of South America from £4,289

The Ultimate Global Experience

The Ultimate Global Experiencefrom £6,779

An Amazing African Adventure

An Amazing African Adventurefrom £4,129

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One of the most fun parts about taking a gap year is the pre-planning stage but for first-time travellers this stage can also be one of the most stressful, so it makes sense to organise as much as you possibly can before you get on that plane.

StudentUniverse's complete gap years take all the stressful stuff out the equation, leaving you to just enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge you don't have to worry about flight connections, accommodation, meeting people, getting on the right tours and all those other difficult things about travelling.

Complete Gap Years by World Regions

The complete gap years featured on the previous tab are the most popular, but also just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots to choose from all over the world: just click on the interactive map below and find out what is on offer.


Is a Complete Gap Year My Best Option?

Firstly, don’t take the name literally. When they say ‘complete gap year’ what they’re referring to is a bundle of essential travel products which have been packaged together based on what is most popular with other backpackers.

A complete gap year will always include flights and a number of other things, which, depending on the destination, could include tours, accommodation, working holiday visas, volunteer placements, insurance, country starter packs, job assistance and transport passes.

Going on that first big trip is obviously exciting but can also be incredibly daunting, so these packages are best for first time backpackers as they completely remove the most stressful aspects of a gap year, leaving you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Travellers who are a bit more independent and confident would be better just buying their flights and perhaps a tour or two, and taking care of the rest themselves once on the road.

Tailor Made

Tailor Make Your Own Complete Gap Year

If you've had a look through all StudentUniverse's suggested itineraries and still haven't found the exact thing you were looking for, remember that they specialise in tailor made itineraries. The guys at StudentUniverse are all seasoned backpackers and completely understand that travel is a highly individual and personal experience, and that one size definitely doesn't fit all!

Punch in the below number and take that first step towards the most incredible experience of your life.

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StudentUniverse can book your complete gap year for you. From visas to insurance to tours, accommodation and flights they can tailor make your gap year and bundle it all together for a great price.

Or, they can recommend a complete gap year bundle that they’ve already sourced and created. Whatever suits you!

If you want to take advantage of their knowledge and kind hearts, just give us a call.

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